24 weeks

We are 24 weeks today! In case you didn’t know, a full-term pregnancy is 40 weeks… so we’re over halfway there now. My uterus is measuring 29 weeks, but the baby is on track for 24 weeks, so my due date remains the same. I’m just a growing gal!

We had another ultrasound today, just to find out if baby is a boy or a girl, and baby co-operated this time!

Unfortunately, the ultrasound pictures are VERY blurry, and you can’t really make them out. But I’ll post them anyhow, with a little decoding to help you figure it out.

Baby laying down
Marked up so you can make out what you’re looking at
Gender parts

So there you have it, our most recent photos of Calista Jolie Cronck!

The next doctor’s appointment is July 1st, 2003. As always, I will post an update afterwards.

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