28 weeks

Today we started the third trimester ~ 28 weeks pregnant! Calista’s heart rate was 130. It’s gotten slower, but Dr. Madsen said that’s because she’s growing. The bigger the baby gets, the slower the heart rate gets. My belly wasn’t measuring bigger than it should be this week, so it looks like I’ve evened out there. I’ve gained 9 pounds total so far (according to the doctor’s office, at least).

Dr. Madsen says Calista will now start to gain a 3/4 ounce to an ounce a day from this point on. Wow!

Had to take the Glucose Tolerance Test (for gestational diabetes). It involved me chugging a NASTY orange drink (which had the potential side effects of nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and fainting), and having blood drawn an hour later to check my blood sugar levels. I hope I pass the test! I also got my Rhogam shot, which is to keep my body from developing antibodies against Rh+ blood. Since I am Rh- and Skip is Rh+, Calista could be Rh+. If she is, and her blood and my blood were to somehow mix (surgery, etc), then I could develop antibodies against Rh+ blood ~ which could harm future pregnancies. So I got a vaccine today to keep that from happening.

That’s it for today… The next doctor’s appointment is July 15th, 2003. As always, I will post an update afterwards.

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