31 weeks 6 days

I had a nice surprise at the doctor’s appointment today ~ another ultrasound! It was just a quick one, to check baby’s position. She’s head down, which is how we want her to be. He checked to make sure she’s still a girl, too, at my request (yes, she is!).

Baby looking up

Baby looking up ultrasound: Here is our first profile view of Calista. She is laying on her back, looking up. The top of her head is to the right in the image. You can see her forehead, nose and chin. The little spots that look like ‘bubbles’ under her chin are actually cross-section views of her umbilical cord.

Baby looking straight at you

Baby looking straight at you ultrasound: This is a straight on view of baby’s face. She is laying down (tilt your head to the right, and you will be laying down facing baby). She’s now got fat little cheeks. If you are skilled at ultrasound reading, you can make out her right eye and her little nose. It’s not a very clear shot, though.

The next doctor’s appointment is August 12th, 2003. As always, I will post an update afterwards.

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