On a sewing kick

I decided to start a new category of posts on here for just everyday nothingness… a little “filler”, if you will.

So last week, after the call that our IVF failed, we went and pampered ourselves (which I already posted about, so I won’t bore you again). We didn’t get anything Friday night, but we went back out on Saturday and I decided I was going to do something to make me feel better, and that something was sewing. I got material and a pattern to make pajamas for everyone — Calista, Skip and me.

Calista picked out Disney Princess material (of course) and kept asking if I was going to make her pajamas, so I started them. I spent last Saturday evening cutting and sewing and finally finished the top at almost 10 pm. I had allowed her to stay up late and wait for them, and much to her disappointment, it ws too big. About 4 sizes too big. She wouldn’t even wear it.

Normally, I’d be a little frustrated and be done with it. But this project was supposed to cheer me up, and all it did was make me feel like a big failure.

I took Calista out and let her pick new material (the princess material was gone, it seemed, so she went with a shocking green Hello Kitty satin) and a new pattern. Her pattern choice this time was a gown (the last one was pants and a top) and it seemed a bit more than I was ready for — buttons, bias tape, elastic and fusible interfacing. Yikes. I was scared.

jammies.jpgToday, however, I decided to confront the beast that was to be my three year-old’s satin Hello Kitty jammies and 5 hours later… I won! They turned out great and best of all, they fit her! Score!

She danced around in them and sang princess songs and is now happily dreaming, adorned in her green Hello Kitty jammies. Bliss.

Next on the list are pajama pants for Skip (he’s chosen black material with flames for one pair and Superman for the other) and pajamas for myself (I opted for a purple top and pants with crowns all over them (it’s better than it sounds — honest)). However, I came across a link to this site on a message board tonight: http://stardustshoes.blogspot.com/2006/10/cloth-shoe-pattern.html

Now that I’ve overcome the fusible interfacing challenge, I feel ready to take on the world of sewing, and I think those cute little baby shoes just might be a nice fundraiser, don’t you? Stay tuned, ’cause I’m gonna make me a pair of those and see if I can’t sell ’em!

ETA ~ Dang. I had been looking for the pattern poster’s contact info to see if she’d have a problem with my idea, and I now see that the pattern says copyright for personal use only. Phooey.

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