The Transfer

Skip and I met up at the REs office at 12:30 PM today and headed in. We waited a few minutes in the waiting area and then Dr. B came to talk to us. He said we had two “really, really good” embryos that we’d be transferring in just a few moments. I immediately asked what stages they were, because last time, though they were Grade 1 (the best grade), they weren’t quite as far along development wise as we’d have hoped.

Dr. B said one was an early blastocyst (very good) and the other was just starting to hatch! This is wonderful, as they hatch just before they implant into the uterus, so that little one was hatching and just about ready to look for a place to snuggle in for the long haul.

The other two aren’t looking so good, and are a bit behind developmentally. Skip said those are the American ones. Ha ha! They will watch the other two and if they start to pick up or do something good, they’ll be frozen, but as of now, there will most likely be nothing to freeze.

We chatted and joked about our wonderful Canadian blastocysts as the embryologist prepared them and everything was set up for the procedure. It was really relaxed, and Dr. B commented more than once how great they looked and how positive he was that this is it.

K (the embryologist) checked them out before handing them over to Dr. B and he commented that they were “gorgeous”. Skip and I kind of chuckled, but Dr. B and L (the nurse) assured us that Ken would not say that unless he really meant it. The excitement of Dr. B, K and L over these embryos was incredible and we can’t help but feel excited as well.

The transfer went smoothly, and we remained there for an hour afterward. They have you lay with your knees up (superstition, they say, but I’ll do what it takes) and then you get to go home. Dr. B said that these babies are ready to go and will implant tonight most likely so I’m just to take it easy and lay around.

Unfortunately, my pregnancy test date fell on a Saturday, so they moved to to MONDAY, April 16th because he said he’d rather test later than earlier, so we don’t have low betas and freak out for nothing. It just might kill me to wait that long… thank goodness for pee sticks… he he.

On the way out of Dr. B’s, the receptionist asked how it went and we told her K said that we had two gorgeous blastocysts put back and she said, “Oh! K doesn’t say that unless he really means it!!”

It all seems really great right now. I am taking bed rest seriously this time — I’ve been laying on the couch since we walked in the door and plan to continue through tomorrow.

I’ve been having some pinching on my right side, and am hoping it’s those babies looking for a place to grab hold!

And how could I forget…  when we got home, Calista was just bouncing around with excitement, she was singing, “The babies are coming!  The babies are coming!”

I reminded her these were just baby seeds right now, and we hope they will grow into babies.  I told her we had two seeds this time, and she started running around singing that she’s getting a baby brother and a sister.  Then she lifted my shirt and asked if my tummy is big yet (yes, but not for the reason she thinks!!) and how will the babies get out.  She’s so cute it kills me.

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  1. Thinking, wishing, hoping, and praying with everything I have that this is IT for you and your sweet little family! Calista so deserves a sibling!! *HUGS* Feet up!

  2. YAY for 2 BEAUTIFUL Blasts!!!!!!!! Stay positive Sommer! This is GREAT news!!!!!!!!
    Bless Calista’s little heart! I have a VERY good feeling about these babies! Have fun resting!!!!

  3. YAY!!!! What a wonderful post to read! I’m hoping that this infectious positive vibe continues for you and Skip and yields the best result! DO NOT GET OFF THAT COUCH MISSY!

  4. I’m so happy for you, Skip and Calista too! I’m all teary! How nice to hear such wonderful comments on the beautiful blatyocysts!!!

    Tons of prayers, hope and wishes that this is IT!

    Snuggle in baby seeds and grow grow grow!!!!

  5. Wooo hoooo!!! What a positive report. Hope the night brings a place to grab hold for the gorgeous little one. Don’t you dare leaving that couch and don’t you dare working!

  6. Oh Sommer! I am just over the moon thrilled for you, Skip, Calista and your “Canadian” baby seeds! I love it! Gentle hugs to you, Honey! Can’t wait until you get to hold your beautiful baby/babies in the next 9 months…burrow in tightly little ones…

  7. I’m all teary too! That is a great update. I’ll continue to think of you, Skip and Calista and fingers crossed in a week and a half you’ll have even more great news!

  8. Yea!!!! So glad everything seems to be working out perfectly this time. Hope your resting well and those babies are snuggling in for the long haul!

  9. OH Sommer! Just reading your post made me cry with joy for you. I’m glad you got such wonderful news and I hope that next week we are celebrating your bfp!!!!

    We better not catch you working or you will be in trouble!

  10. Consider yourself PG until proven other wise!!

    Best of luck to you and I’ve got my fingers crossed for you!!

  11. Oh Sommer I am SO happy for you! I am keeping everything crossed that BOTH those babies snuggle in there and you get more than you’re wish for ONE but TWO and have the family of 3 you always wanted! Best of luck to you….now REST and let your body do the hard work!!

  12. What great news!!!

    I will be hoping and thinking about you! The 16th is when my DH will be going to NYC so I will be sure to check in that day! If not before.

  13. I know I’m coming in late, but that sounds great! I’ll keep on praying for those little beans to hang in tight.

  14. Sommer–That’s exactly how they talked about the three embryos they put back in me. I have everything crossed for you.

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