Hyperemesis is…

… trying to get to the bathroom in time to barf while dragging an IV pole behind you.  OK, technically it’s “a debilitating and potentially life-threatening pregnancy disease marked by rapid weight loss, malnutrition, and dehydration due to unrelenting nausea and/or vomiting with potential adverse consequences for the newborn(s)” but it’s all the same to me.

I thought the PICC line and IVs were going to be my saving grace.  Apparently, the good effects are short lived.  For example, we did the IV at 6 pm last night, so I felt good through the evening but woke up with heartburn which progressed throughout the day to severe nausea.

By 4 pm, I couldn’t take it any more and hooked up my own IV.  I watched when they did it yesterday, so it wasn’t bad.  The only part I’m not sure about is flushing the line afterwards, but Skip will be home when I need to do that, so I will have him show me.

I am starting to feel beyond hope with this whole sickness business.  Hopefully, now that I’m halfway through this IV and have puked up everything I tried to eat today, I’ll start to feel better for the evening.

I have another OB appointment tomorrow, we’ll see if he has any more help to offer.

This wouldn’t be so bad if I didn’t have a job to do and a daughter who needs me.  Who am I kidding?  It would still be horrible.

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  1. Oh Sommer- I truly feel for you….hyperemesis just plain sucks. Zofran is a great drug, but it isn’t always the complete solution. For me, it kept me from barfing ALL the time (just once in a while), but I always felt like it was about to happen. Well, I hope it doesn’t last too long and maybe your OB will have some answers for you!

  2. Oh Sommer! I’m so sorry you’re going throught this! It SUCKS! Maybe they’ll be able to get you on a Zofran pump or something to else to help. I so feel for you! It will get better eventually! I promise!

  3. Sommer–
    I don’t have any secret advice. Just a big hug and I hope this total crappiness passes soon. Very soon. Being a mother is full of trials and tribulations no one ever talks about. Where are the awards? You need a big one!

  4. Sommer~

    Hugs…. I am so sorry this is so hard, and when you are so ill, it is impossible to focus on the end result. I hope the doc finds a better combo of meds to get rid of the m/s, or maybe, just maybe since you are aproaching the 2nd trimester, it will start going away on its own. (((((HUGS)))))


  5. Oh my…Sommer I am so sorry your going through this. With everything you went through to get to this point. I wish I lived closer to you to help out. I just hope you get more answers to what to do with this at your next appointment. Keep us updated. Calista will be okay….she knows your not feeling well and it shall pass and she’ll enjoy the twins when they are born and forget all about what you went through. Just spending time with her in your bed probably means the world to her. So don’t feel too bad, which I know is easier said than done but you need to take care of yourself…..I am sure your DH is helping out alot with everthing. Take care of yourself.

  6. Hi Sommer,
    Sorry; this sucks. What worked for me: zofran, diclectin (available in canada not sure in usa, i needed 8 a day not the usual 4), losec for the heartburn. that stuff is magic. after IV stabilized me, didn’t need zofran. the more dehydrated you are, the worse the nausea/vomitting so the IV should still be useful i think… Best of luck, sincerely.

  7. Sommer,

    I suffered through four HG pregnancies and have written a comprehensive guide to its treatment called “Beyond Morning Sickness: Battling Hyperemesis Gravidarum.” If you e-mail me your mailing address (ashli@beyondmorningsickness.com) I’d be happy to send you a free copy. You can read more about the book at http://www.beyondmorningsickness.com.

    Ashli McCall

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