A Shower and A Belly

Last night was our baby shower that our friend Lindsay put together for us. It was so nice, and we had a really great time. Lindsay made appetizers and desserts, we had roses on the table, tea lights, wine (not for me, of course!) and just a really nice “adult” atmosphere. Calista donned her birthday dress and was a perfect little lady.

We did just two games — the one where everyone cuts a piece of string that’s as long as they think my belly is big around, and one where we made the guys race to drink 8 oz of beer out of a baby bottle. There were some interesting techniques used:

Eric drinking beer out of a baby bottle

That’s Eric, the husband of our hostess. He came in second place!

Our friends were so generous, and we got so many wonderful gifts! Calista got to help open them, which she enjoyed. Here’s a few more pictures:

Opening gifts

Smile if you like nipple cream

Everyone loves nipple cream!

Our last guests left around 10:30 pm and Calista lasted the whole night! It’s 10:30 am now and she’s still sleeping. Poor tired girl!

Right before bed, I had Skip take my 28 week belly picture. Every time he takes one, I think I haven’t gotten much bigger than the last one, and then I see the picture and am always surprised at how big it is! Each time, I think it can’t get any bigger, but of course, it can!

28 weeks 1 day belly

Well, I have had a really good few days this week. I hope it continues. I’m still sore, tired and a bit nauseas, but things like seeing the 3D u/s and getting the PICC line out have been really great pick-me-ups this week. I have another appointment with the perinatalogist tomorrow, so I hope my good streak continues. :)

13 Replies to “A Shower and A Belly”

  1. So glad you had a fun shower. It’s good to see you enjoying yourself more – I can see a difference in the tone of your posts! I hope it’s much smoother sailing from here on out for you! You look great.

  2. The shower looks like it was awesome! :) I never heard of the beer in baby bottles game, too funny! Glad you all enjoyed it so much and that you have been having such a good week! You look great in your belly shot! Take care, Kathy :)

  3. Woo hoo Look at that Belly!! Just beautiful!! So glad you are starting to feel a bit better! Hope it continues!


  4. No more PICC line, a shower, a wonderful 28-weeks belly, and the BEST part of the show is just starting!!!…
    I hope everything went fine with the peri today! ;)

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