30 weeks

We are 30 weeks today. It feels like I’ve been pregnant forever, but it also feels like time is going by quickly… if it’s possible to feel both of those at once.

I’ve been having low back pain and period-like cramps, so I called my OB and they had me in for an FFN. It’s a test that gives you a positive or negative result — a positive means you are likely to deliver in the next two weeks and a negative means you are not likely to deliver in the next two weeks.

Mine was negative, so the doctors were pleased with that, but I will go to the hospital tomorrow for some monitoring just in case anything else might be going on to cause the pain (aside from my ginormous stomach and the two rambunctious boys wrestling within it, of course).

Speaking of rambunctious boys, Calista has decided. Baby A is Ace Robert and Baby B is Nate Karsen. I’ve been trying to start using their names instead of “A” and “B” and it’s taking some getting used to!

And speaking of ginormous bellies, here is my 30 week belly shot. Is it a wonder my legs feel like they are going to give out when I stand up these days?? I better not go to the beach, for someone might mistake me for a whale and harpoon my sorry butt!

30 Week Belly

PS ~ I forgot that I wanted to say thank you to all of the supportive comments that have been posted over the past however long I’ve been blogging (two years??) and especially the comments from my previous post.  It really helps me get through on a bad day, and I appreciate it.

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  1. Beautiful (big) belly Sommer!! LOL – I seriously can not believe you are 30 weeks already (although I’m sure the time has gone more slowly for you). I didn’t respond to your last blog update – but was totally shocked to learn that people are giving you a hard time – you said it though – this blog is a place to record your feelings, whatever they might be – so keep on doing it and sc$#w them!

  2. WOW sommer- time is sure flying hey! ( although some days it seems not to be!!!) It will all be worth it and I wonder if we will miss being preggo?

    not too long now!!!!

    keep posting- no matter how you feel- it keeps us all in the loop and we all want to keep up with you and nate and ace- ( I am sooo jealous that you hae names picked out… sigh … we have NOTHING that we agree on…) this poor baby!!!

  3. Awesome bellly! Don’t forget to keep a measurement for after the boys are born, b/c you will never believe it was ever that big!

    Also, sorry people are being negative about your blog. It’s your blog, you are free to say what you feel without judgement & most of us have been there and know how you feel.

  4. I cannot believe you’re 30 weeks already! WOW. I can’t imagine how much farther your belly will stretch. You have the perfect, pretty baby belly though. Hang in there. :)

  5. All pregnant women should aspire to your strength and beauty! Hang on – it’s hard but will soon be over with.

    Love the names – how cute that Calista decided who got what name!

    You certainly sound a little more perky this post than last. Don’t let people’s negative comments get you down – you are entitled to feel how you feel – you’ve been through a LOT!! I totally get where you are coming from. My last pregnancy took 19 months to conceive (no hardship compared to your three years) but our first was 2.5 years. While pregnant this second time around, I too had aches and pains and felt like crap b/c I wanted the baby to be born already!! Looking back (my baby boy is 7 weeks already) I wish I was pregnant again. My baby is so beautiful (biased of course!) but for all the hardships I endured (fertility meds all the way to delivery) I would do it again. And I told everyone during and immediately following this pregnancy, that it would NEVER happen again! But it’s worth it – and you Sommer get a bonus! You get TWO beautiful boys!

    Keep up the good (albeit hard) work!!

  6. Sommer, that is one BIG BELLY! You know for sure now, the boys will be a healthy weight and all will be well.

    Soon, all that you’ve been through with this pregnancy will be behind you and you’ll be holding two beautiful babies in your arms.

  7. Whoo hoo! Almost there Sommer! You look wonderful! Hang in there, it is almost done….and as bad as you feel, you know you will miss it when it is done! XO

  8. Wonderful belly!! It’s so great to see you made it to 30 weeks! Just a little bit longer and Ace and Nate will be home with you!


  9. Congratulations! I found your blog through a post on Twinstuff.com. I delivered my girls at 31 weeks 5 days. They are doing wonderfully. We would have liked to go farther but a lot of factors worked against it. I don’t remember how we decided which baby got which name but our little guy learned really quickly which was which. He even decided which side of the car the babies sit on based on their positions in the womb. Erica is on the left and Megan on the right. Anyway, congratulations! Twins are so much fun-especially with an older sibling to help enjoy them.

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