Forced Upgrade

It looks like we will be getting a new van this week, thanks to the woman who ran a stop sign and hit us last Wednesday.  The boys and I were heading in to town for our daily trip to pick up Calista from Kindergarten.  I was doing the speed limit — 50 MPH — as I approached an intersection.  The approaching car had a stop sign, but as I got closer, I kept thinking “she’s not stopping…”

Sure enough, she kept going and though I tried to move out of her way, she slammed into me on the passenger side of our van.

The boys started screaming instantly, and I pulled over, got out and ran to the passenger side where we were hit, and where Nate was seated.  The entire side of the van was smashed and I couldn’t get the door open.

I ran back to the driver’s side and got the slider open and saw that the boys seemed unharmed — just scared.  I then stepped back out of my van to see what happened to the other driver.  She was walking towards my van and I stood in the middle of the street screaming obscenities at her in my adrenaline-infused, momma-bear rage.  You’d have thought I was raised by truckers in those few moments…

Once I knew the boys were ok, and the woman began apologizing and seeming concerned for the boys, I settled down and told her I was sorry for screaming.  She insists she DID stop at the intersection, but I never saw her at a stand still.  The police report says that she thought it was a four way stop, and that’s why she was moving into the intersection.

We were so fortunate, however, as our former nanny and friend, T, happened to drive past about 5 minutes after the accident.  She was the one who called 911 for us (I was NOT thinking clearly at the time and it never occurred to me) and once the police arrived, she took the boys home for me and stayed there with them while I dealt with the accident report.

The whole front end of her Nissan Xterra was ripped off and her bumper was actually stuck in the side of my van and had to be pried out.  The entire passenger side of my van was smashed in, and neither door on that side can be opened.

The whole thing has been a pain (both literally and figuratively) to deal with.  The boys and I were both seen by our doctors the following day.  The boys are fine — I have a sprained neck.  Now I have massage therapy and physical therapy to go through.  My head has hurt constantly since the accident.  My neck and back are sore and tender.

We had to get a rental.  A big, ugly, Chevy Uplander.  Blech.

We have to deal with insurance.  Our van was totaled, so we have to get a new van.  I really wanted a Chrysler Town & Country that our friend had on his lot, but he sold it yesterday.  We will likely get a 2003 Dodge Grand Caravan (ours was a 2000).

It’s been a whirlwind and has added so many more “to-do’s” to my already too full list.  So it goes…

My birthday is on Friday, and I think I am starting to have my mid-life crisis already.  The proof is in my chopped-off, red-streaked hair and *gasp* makeup (if you know me at all, you’ll know I haven’t worn makeup but a handful of times, once being my wedding in 2001).

It’s too late to get into my personal aging issues right now, so I’ll save that for another time.  As long as I get a birthday card from a special someone this year, I’ll be happy.  Ok, that’s not entirely ture.  Some grand acknowledgement of my birthday would be welcome…

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  1. Wow! Sorry you had to go through that! Accidents are not fun and can get expensive. Good to know the boys are alright. PT will help. But just remember to do your exercises and be patient (I’m a PT too).

    And have a great birthday! Really it does get better. At least with the makeup thing you are trying to make yourself feel better. The real problem starts when you do the opposite. People start to wonder when you stop doing things like brushing hair and teeth. Then you know you need lots of help!

  2. OMG! I’m so sorry to hear about your accident….at least everyone was mostly okay. Hopefully you’ll feel better soon because if Momma ain’t happy…..nobody is happy (as my hubby says).
    I’m SURE you know this already but make sure the insurance buys you new car seats for the kids as well. From what I was told….ANY accident when you have car seats in the car means that you compromised the integrity of the car seat and it should be replaced.
    Accidents are so scary especially with children in the car! I was in an accident 2 months ago (and I’m pregnant with twins) and all I could think of (after my immediate thought of kicking the other guys face in) was “OMG- My Babies!” Fortunately….everyone was okay.
    At least you guys are okay & you’re getting a newer van, right? (trying to find the silver lining)

    Hope you feel better soon!

  3. After I got hit, I had a lot of problems with my back and neck, too. The headaches were the worst. I was 16w pregnant when it happened, and I still remember dealing with the pain when Marlee was a baby. Try not to lift anything too heavy as that aggravates it (like a 20lb baby – lol) and never lift your arms over your shoulders/head. That would put me on the floor.
    I hope the massage and PT help a lot!!
    GL with the new vehicle!

    Uh…. can I see a picture of the hair/makeup????

  4. Oh I am so sorry to hear of your accident – that just royally sucks in every way… especially since it was not your fault at all. I hope your neck will be ok over time. Car accidents always seem to come at the most inopportune times… (our second car was totaled when I was 7 months pregnant)… I hope the insurance gives you enough $ so that you won’t be out much money to buy the other van. Hang in there… and I hope something happens to celebrate your birthday!

    jt_houston on Ovusoft
    28.5w B/G twins underway!

  5. I am so sorry for the accident but glad to hear you and the boys are fine.

    I really enjoy reading you, even if you think you have nothing to blog about. It is nice to “hear” from you.

    What a better way to celebrate a birthday than with a beautiful girl, the twins and your husband!!!.. Let them pamper you and I am sure the mid-life crisis will suddenly seem like nothing!

  6. I want to see a picture of the hair and make-up!! It’s nice to have a change once in awhile. Hope you have a Happy Birthday Sommer.

  7. Makeup? Was there a head injury in that accident? Hee hee. And I like your hair, it looks good!

    Was this the day you called the school and said something about being late, etc. etc. and I said I was leaving town right after work? WHY DIDN’T YOU MENTION YOU HAD BEEN IN AN ACCIDENT! I would have responded much differently!

    What’s in store for your birthday? I’m guessing costumes and trick-or-teating, yes?

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