Them’s Some Cute Kids

Yes, my kids are cute. I can admit it. Just look at them, all leaning on one another, watching a little Elmo before dinner.  What more could a mom ask for?

The Cronck Kids
The Cronck Kids

Anyhow, now that I have displayed their cuteness for all to admire, I wanted to come and say that I’ve redesigned my blog (as if THAT weren’t obvious) and I am going to try to start blogging a lot more.  Doogie Howser style, if you will.  Or, for the younger generation, Rev Run style.  :)

Right now, I am recovering from a sinus infection, ear infection and pink eye in both eyes.  The past week and a half have not been fun, I can tell you that!  But I’m on the mend, buried in work and ready to move one.

Still dealing with crap from the accident.  The other party’s insurance told me today that they are still determining fault.  Well, let’s see…  she got a ticket for failure to yield, I had the right-of-way… it just doesn’t seem that there is much to determine, is there?  I’m sure they will drag their feet since there is an injury claim (mine) and a car rental reimbursement.

It’s almost Thanksgiving, and it will be nice to spend a little down time with the family and eat lots and lots of turkey.  Skip is an excellent cook and he makes a mean Thanksgiving feast!  I’m also thinking about braving the Black Friday masses for the first time ever.  I can’t find anyone to go with me, though.  Skip said he would, but the problem is that we’d have no sitter.  T (my old nanny) is gone for a month and K (my new nanny) will be out of state as well.  Guess I’ll go it alone!

Sounds like the boys are giving Skip hell up there and refusing to settle back to sleep.  I best go help him before he gets cranky, too.

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