Twas a Black Friday After All

I didn’t think I’d be Black Friday shopping today, but it turns out I was wrong.  This morning, Skip said he’d go with me if I wanted, and we’d take the kids.  Then we had a call from our friends whose daughter, E, likes to play with Calista and they invited Calista to play.  We dropped Calista off at E’s house and headed out shopping with the boys.

Our first stop was Home Depot for the $49 7.5′ pre-lit Christmas tree, but we were too late.  That was a bummer, as it was the one thing we actually needed and it was a super deal (obviously, since they sold out!).  They were sold out of the trees online last night at 10 pm, so I can imagine how fast they went today.

After that, we walked over to Circuit City and picked up a few things — $4.99 for a 3-pack of Mini DVs (for Skip), $2.99 for Borat (for Skip), $6.99 for The 40 Year-Old Virgin (for Skip) and another item I won’t name since it’s a gift and I don’t want the recipient to read about it before I give it to them (I can mention Skip’s since he was with me and picked them out).

Next was Linens-N-Things, and since they are going out of business, they had some great sales.  I got a lot of things for myself — lucky for Skip, since that’s all the fewer things he needs to buy for me!  Too bad I bought myself practical things and nothing fun.  I got 4 large plastic totes for $5.59 each (I wanted them to sort the kids’ clothers for consignment, because consignment takes them by season, and I currently do cardboard boxes for each season), a Ped Egg for $6.99 (that just grosses Skip out… hehe), a valet charger for $11.99 (it’s a thingy you can organize all your little electronics like phones, PDAs, etc and charge them all at once), a Power Squid for $11.99 (yes, they are cheaper on the Power Squid site, but once they add the shipping, it’s more expensive, so I still got a good deal), a big container of Swedish Fish for $4.19 (I LOVE Swedish Fish!!!) and a few other gifts for other people.

After that, we got lunch, checked out Michael’s to see if they had any good deals on trees (they didn’t) and Skip and Ace went in Best Buy while I waited in the car with a napping Nate, but they didn’t get anything in Best Buy.

We then picked up Calista, checked out the consigment store, did some grocery shopping and headed home for a leftover turkey dinner.

After the kids went to bed, I got some more deals online: 7 DVDs (for Skip — he likes movies!!) and 2 Leapster games (for Calista) for $56 + shipping at, an 8GB USB drive for $15.99 (for me) at and new highchairs for the boys for $69 after tax + shipping at a restaurant supply store.

WHEW!  And to think I wasn’t going to shop on Black Friday…  too bad I still have no Christmas tree!  Know of any spectacular deals on an artificial, 6-7′ pre-lit tree?

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