Yes, Virginia, We Have a Christmas Tree

We got a Christmas tree today, and I didn’t have to pay more than $75 for it!  Calista and I went out to Lowe’s today, because I had seen some 7.5′ pre-lit trees on their web site for $73.50.  When we got there, they had ones that weren’t pre-lit (after the last tree became useless once some of the lights on it died, I decided I’d prefer to string the lights myself) for $99, but 25% off.  Then, the cashier scanned some coupon he had at his register, and we got another $10 off, so after taxes, our tree was just $68 and some change!  Hooray!  We’ll probably set it up next weekend.

My other exciting news for tonight is that the boys SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT last night!  And I spent the whole night in my own bed!  They went to bed at 8 pm, fussed once around 11:30 pm but without any intervention fell back to sleep within 5 minutes or so, and never made another peep until 7 am.  Oh how I hope this continues!

Maybe the rest is serving him well, as Nate has started walking more.  He still takes a few steps and then sits down, but he’s doing it a lot more than he was before.  He’s so cute.  He can totally walk on his own, but he’s so cautious that he goes really slow and then sits down when he thinks he’s gone far enough or fears he might fall.

Not much else tonight.  I have to balance the bank accounts so I can do my client billing tomorrow, and I have some receipts to scan and email for FSA reimbursement, so I best get started on that.  I posted some pictures on tonight, so check them out if you’re so inclined.  :)

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