Facebook to Twitter to Blog How-To (for Gwen)

Gwen asked me how to get FaceBook to update to Twitter and how to get Twitter on your blog, so here goes…

Part I – FaceBook to Twitter Updates

There is a handy service at TwitterFeed.com where you can register and feed RSS to your Twitter.  But, before you can do that, you need to get an OpenID login.  If you don’t already have one, I created mine at ClaimID.com.

Once you have an OpenID login, go to TwitterFeed.com and click Login.  Next to the box where you type your login is a drop-down menu.  Click that to select the OpenID service you wish to log in with and enter your login.

Once you are logged in, you will click “Go to my TwitterFeeds (or create a new one)”.

Click “Create a new TwitterFeed”.

Enter your Twitter username and password where indicated, and for the RSS, you enter your FaceBook minifeed RSS.  I will make your life easy and tell you that the URL for that is http://www.new.facebook.com/minifeed.php?filter=11 (I can NEVER find that link in FaceBook, so just copy it from here).

From there you have some other options.  I used:

  • Update every 30 minutes
  • Post up to 5 updates
  • Include title only
  • Do NOT include link (uncheck the box)
  • Post based on pubDate
  • Prefix each Tweet with “[From FaceBook]” (minus the quotes)
  • Active

Part II – Twitter to Blog

To get the Twitter updates on your blog, you just need to put a Twitter badge on your site.  Go to http://twitter.com/badges and select the right one for your blogging service.  My Twitter badge has been styled to match my site.

Et voila!

3 Replies to “Facebook to Twitter to Blog How-To (for Gwen)”

  1. Thank you for the excellent guide to what should be a simple operation! Just one clarification that I tripped over. In Part One, note that the given URL for the “Facebook mini-feed RSS” isn’t the RSS feed itself. i.e., you can’t just copy and paste that into the twitterfeed form. You have to go to that URL, look at lower right where it says “Subscribe to these Stories,” then copy the link for “My Status” and paste it into the “RSS feed URL” field on the twitterfeed page. You can click “test RSS link” to make sure you’ve got it right before continuing. : )

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