I Need a Lawyer

The accident/insurance saga continues…  Today, the at-fault party’s agent from the October 22nd accident called me and left a message saying that he needed to get a recorded statement from me.  One and a half months after the fact!  What the heck is this guy doing?!  Later, I got a message from him letting me know he’d be out of the office the rest of the week.  I didn’t give him a statement and tomorrow, I plan to contact his supervisor and raise hell.  This is just ridiculous.

I called a lawyer for a consult and he talked to me, then wished me luck.  Apparently, this isn’t worth his time/energy.  I’m not sure.  Now I am feeling hesitant to call another lawyer.  It’s not like there’s big bucks to be made here, but I need help getting my money back from this stupid insurance company, and will probably need help with the subsequent accident.  What a mess.

I also picked up the police report for the December 7th accident and sent that off to my insurance so we can get the ball rolling there.  Skip takes the Pacifica in for an estimate tomorrow.

This evening, I had my twice-weekly massage therapy (thanks to the October 22nd accident) and my neck was just a mess.  I asked him if he was trying to hurt me!  It will be nice to be rid of the problems (and headaches) but I think it’s going to take a while.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day in regards to all of this nonsense.

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  1. I wish this could be easier for you! I’ve been in quite a few accidents – some of them my fault and some of them not.
    I’ve never had to get a lawyer, but then, I’ve never had to deal with crazy insurance companies like this either.
    Actually most of the time it works out that we (me and the other party) have the same insurance company and that works out awesome. Try getting hit by one of them next time!

    The time I got injured from getting read-ended (I was at a dead stop and she was going 25) I was pregnant and didn’t really have any problems other than stiffness/soreness. I saw a massage therapist for a few weeks and thought everything was all good. Then after I had the baby, once all the “relaxin” left my body, that’s when I started getting the pains and headaches. It’s was terrible. My insurance company was VERY VERY SMART and told me not to sign off on the claim until after I had the baby. I am so glad I did because I ended up being much more injured than previously thought. Anyway, not only did they pay to fix my car and pay all of my medical bills, but I also got a (nice!) settlement for pain and suffering. I hope it works out for you in that way too.

    The headaches and neck pain lasted for a long time – I’m sorry to say – it was months. I remember not being able to lift anything heavy (like my 18lb 4 month old baby) and not being able to lift my hands over my shoulders without setting off the headaches. With you lugging around the boys, you could be aggravating this injury every day. And what are you supposed to do?? You can’t NOT pick up your kids! Make sure you say something about this in your statement. Really pay attention to what sets off your pain/headaches. And make sure the other company knows exactly what’s going on. You need to be compensated for more than just the loss of your vehicle.

    Also – if you find that massage therapy isn’t helping, I ended up doing a few rounds of high level anti-inflammatories and muscle relaxers before finally getting past it. I know you’re still nursing (I was too) but just make sure to ask the doc if you need to. Hoping this resolves for you soon!

  2. I’m so sorry you are having all these problems! I hope things get better soon. You should call your insurance company and they should be appointing an attorney for you. The cost of it should be included in your coverage.

  3. Keep calling until you find one who will listen. You don’t need to deal with idiot insurance companies who are trying to spend as little money as possible. You’ll get their attention when, the next time they call, you can refer them to your lawyer. I wouldn’t give him a recorded statement.
    Unfortunately I’ve had two accidents that required attorneys. All I wanted were my medical bills paid and my car fixed both times. Both times I got sick of dealing with the ins companies and hired someone. Despite what we pay them, insurance companies are not interested in helping you. Profit, profit, profit.

  4. Sommer- I can only imagine how frustrating al this is- I said to my mum a few weeks ago that I feel like i spend my WHOLE life calling people goign higher complaining ugh waht ever happend to the customer is alwyas right???
    ITA with PP find another lawyer- there is always ONE wiling to take it on- and you should not have to take responosbility for that accident- next they will tell you that you could have avoidded it by STAYING HOME- my goodness-
    anyway give your self a few minutes of quiet today- sound slike YOU need it
    PS you are motivting me with baby boot camp- if i was not alredy so tired i would go at it…
    good luck!

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