Neither Here Nor There

I have lots to post about tonight!

I will start with Baby Boot Camp.  I’ve had some comments from readers who are thinking of doing the same, and let me tell you, it was worth it!  With the exception of one night, the boys have slept through the night every night since I did it!  Sweet bliss!  They still put up a good show when we put them in their cribs, but I’ve noticed once the door is shut, they know it’s time as they are quiet and go to bed like good little monsters.  I don’t know why I didn’t put them through boot camp sooner…  :)

Next is the December 7th accident.  We got the estimate on the Pacifica, and it is around $4,600!  I didn’t think it was that bad, but I guess it is.  Luckily, my insurance is good and they’ve already sent the check for repairs and we’ll take it to the shop Monday.  They’ve also already cut a check for new car seats — again! — and will arrange for a rental.  Too bad it’s going to take a good 2 weeks for the vehicle to be repaired, and I wonder if Christmas is going to slow it down even more?  I hope not!

Then there’s the October 22nd accident.  I’ve been fighting with Mr. Weenie (as a friend has named him) at the other party’s insurance agency and not enjoying him one bit.  We left off with him wanting to take a recorded statement and being out of the ofice the rest of the week.  I decided to give my claims adjuster a call and see if he’d gotten anywhere in recouping my deductible, and he said he’d left a message with Mr. Weenie, but hadn’t heard back yet.  He did, however, give me some really good advice, and said that the only thing that can be proven in this case is that (1) she ran a stop sign and (2) I was already in the intersection when she hit me (as evidenced by where the damage is on my vehicle).  He said it doesn’t matter how fast I was going (not that I was speeding anyhow), because they can’t prove my speed or anything else.  Only that she hit me.  He said if I am enough of a thorn in their sides, they’ll cave as they have much bigger fish to fry.

The conversation left me feeling more confident in dealing with the other insurance agency, so I decided to call and talk to Mr. Weenie’s supervisor.  After 20 minutes on hold, I finally got through, only to get her voicemail.  Grrr.

About 10 minutes after I left a voicemail for Weenie Superior, I got a call back from my claims adjuster.  He said that he had received a call from someone at the other insurance agency letting him know that a check was mailed yesterday to me for the deductible and the rental.  HOORAY!  That’s ~$800 back and it’s much needed.  My agent said he wasn’t sure what I did, but I got through to them!  All that is left is the medical, and I found a lawyer to take the case, so I am going to let her fight that battle.

It feels like a huge weight has been lifted off of my (injured) shoulders as I no longer will have to deal with Mr. Weenie, Weenie Superior or any other weenies at that agency, and the money I was out has been recouped.  Now we need to get the Pacifica repaired, and will have to try to recoup our deductible from that one…

Other than insurance woes and babies who sleep through the night, not much excitement here (as if all of that isn’t exciting enough!).  Tomorrow, I have to get some REAL work done, as all I’ve done today is make and receive phone calls about all of this nonsense, and I have to design a birth announcement for a friend.  To top it all off, it’s almost Friday!

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