Blue Christmas Part II (AKA I Give UP!!!)

I’ve tried everything I can to find a way to either get to Pittsburgh for Christmas or get my mom out here and it seems there’s a “problem” with everything I’ve come up with. Sometimes, logic and reason suck.

This is missed time with my family that I can’t get back and I so wanted to share it. I know we can do a visit in a couple of months, but the kids will all be so changed by then. It’s now that I wanted to share. I hate distance, finances, jobs, school and everything else that gets in the way.

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  1. Sorry Sommer. I know how it feels. We’re still in BFE for Christmas this year. It sucks that I have to Skype my whole entire family (who will all be at my folks’ house) and wish them a Merry Christmas over the internet. A hug would be much much better.

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