New Year’s Resolutions

Now that it’s 2009 (Happy New Year!), I’ve made some resolutions.  One of those resolutions is to keep my house cleaner.  It’s mostly the clutter that makes this place a disaster.  So, in 2009, I will put things away as soon as I am done with them in an effort to keep things in order.  I also started de-cluttering around here to keep me motivated.  I did our bedroom, bathroom and upstairs hallway so far and it looks GREAT!  I love walking into my clean, clutter-free bedroom, with the bed made and feel like I can just relax, instead of seeing all of the things that need done.

I’ve also got the dining room cleaned up, and have been diligent about cleaning the table, dishes and floor after each meal and having it set and ready to go for the next one.  I really hate when I need to feed the boys but the table is dirty, the high chairs are full of crud from the last meal, or the placemats need washed.  After the boys are done eating now, I’ve been wiping down the table, high chairs and sweeping the floor with a hand broom, then I wash the bibs and placemats and set them up for the next meal.  Much better!!

Hopefully, as I get the rest of the house in order, Skip and Calista will follow suit with keeping tidy.  I have to lead by example, right?  :)  Maybe it’s already working, as Skip got the garage cleaned up today (we tend to accumulate cardboard like nobody’s business) and we got all of the Christmas stuff down and put away.

We got the Pacifica back on Friday, and the total repairs were just over $5,800.  OUCH!  Thank goodness for insurance.  Our deductible was just $400, and hopefully, we will be getting that back.

Tomorrow Skip and I start back to work and Calista is back to school, so I best be getting to bed… in my nice, clean bedroom!

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