The A-Man Report

It’s been a few days since I took Ace to meet with L, the new therapist, and I’ve been meaning to update.  I think that overall, it went pretty well.  L agreed that he was under-registering vestibular and proprioceptive input as I had suspected.  However, he was playing so well and with purpose while we were there that I was having my doubts as to whether or not she would recommend we even come back.

I told her not only my concerns about his needs and behavior, but also the worry that in the hour a week that she sees him, that he will be “normal” and she will just discharge him and I will be back where we started.  She said, however, that based on my observations and input about him, she feels he will benefit not only from the intensive sensory input he can get through the weekly sessions, but also from the time away from Nate (AKA attention hog).  I also think it will be good for me to be able to talk to her about my concerns for him, and well as progress he makes.

She seemed to think we were doing everything right, from the brushing and compressions to the dietary changes and tantrum spot (which I still need to get the pillow for — add that to my mile-long to-do list!).  She also said that Ace can try riding the horses if I was comfortable with that, as the office we are going to does equine therapy.  So, little A-Man is going to get to ride a horse!  I will be sure to take my camera for that!

He had a really good weekend with one minor incident…  he was trying to climb the dining room chair, which was on its back to prevent climbing on to the dining room table, when he slipped and banged his mouth.  I was at work, but Skip said he was bleeding like crazy and looks like he split his frenulum.  However, I am pretty certain he actually already did split his frenulum a few months aog when he slipped in the bathtub, but either way, he sure gave himself a boo-boo lip!  Poor little monkey.

I hope to have a more detailed therapy update after this week, and maybe some pictures.  I’m burnt out right now and have way too much to try to get done over the next few days.  I’m having trouble focusing and writing a decent post, but at least I got an update in.  :)

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