When there’s Poo on the Carpet, it’s Time to Nap

Last night after the kids went to bed, I found brownie mix in the cupboard, which solved the dilemma of making a treat for Calista to take to school.  I made those and did some Wii Fit while they were cooking.  Man, it’s hard to exercise with the smell of brownies baking!  Too bad that I didn’t cook them long enough so they were gooey in the middle (and not yummy brownie gooey, more like nasty uncooked gooey) so Skip had to take her to the grocery store this morning to pick up something and then take her to school.  I suck at cooking.

After the brownies were made, I researched replacement birthday gifts to fill in for the dolls I muddled ordering.  I found a few good Wii game recommendations, such as Animal Crossing City Folk, Dance Dance Revolution Disney Groove and Hanna Montana The Movie Game.  I figured I’d get one of those, but then I had the idea to get her an iPod nano instead.

She has a Fisher Price FP3 player, but it’s gotten old and shuts itself off randomly.  She can read now, so she could read the song titles on the iPod, and her music taste has matured past Disney Princess songs, so it seemed like a really good idea.  Until I realized a measly nano is $150!  DOH!  I responded to a few Craigslist ads with not much luck, so went back to the Wii game idea.

Then today, I had a call on my cell phone.  The woman said, “Is Jay there?”

I said, “I think you have the wrong number.”

She said, “Is your dad or husband there?”

Huh?  This is my cell phone she called!

I said, “My dad’s not around and my husband isn’t named Jay.  Who are you trying to reach?”

She said, “Well, he responded to my Craigslist ad.  Mr. Sommer.  I am calling him back.”

Classic.  I said that I am Sommer and I had replied to her ad.  I’m pretty sure I didn’t sign off as “Mr. Sommer”, but who knows?

Turns out she has a 3rd Generation iPod nano (the little square ones, which is the kind I actually wanted for her) and is selling it for $50. Perfect.  I’ll be picking it up later tonight.

Now I am going to totally shift gears and talk about something else, and I have no segue so instead I’ll just throw in a gratuitous ellipses…

Ace had speech therapy this morning.  We talked a lot about his tantrum and bedtime issues, as the ST works with other specialists and talks to them about our visits and gets feedback from OTs.  It was like a light bulb going off in my head today when we discussed bedtime issues.  Last time, we talked about our bedtime routine, which is bath, play, diapers and jammies, brush teeth, tuck in.  Well, she said that’s a lot of transitions to go through in a short period of time and seeing as Ace has a hard time with transitions….  ding! ding! ding! ding! ding!  We have a winner!!!!

From dry to wet and back…  from warm to cold…  from naked to dressed….  from playing to laying…  it’s just so many transitions in the 30-45 minutes, no WONDER he looses it!  So we are going to work on some techniques to help him transition better, such as sing a song while preparing to get out of the bath, so he knows that the bath is over when the song ends.  We actually already do this for teeth brushing — we sing ABCs while we brush for him, then sing ABCs again while he gets to brush on his own, and he always willingly hands over the tooth brush at the end of the song because he knows what comes next.  I can’t bear to think how great it would be if the rest of bedtime could be like that!  Woot!

After L (the ST) left, they boys had breakfast and played a while.  Then Ace pooped in his diaper, and in the 30 seconds it took for me to find the wipes, he took it off and sat in three places on the carpet.  As if I don’t have enough to clean up around here, I had to steam clean the poo off of the carpet!  Nice!

The boys are in bed for nap now (though I can here them talking and whining a bit), so I need to straighten up for company, and figure out what we are doing for lunch.  When the boys wake, we will need to do lunch, get dressed, meet Sissy from the bus and leave right away for gymnastics (where I have to buy that danged leotard, let’s not forget).  After gymnastics, I’ll take the kids home, eat a fast supper so I can head out, pick up the iPod, get a card and wrapping paper, stop at Costco for some groceries, pick up MIL and FIL from the ferry terminal and then head home.  Tomorrow I have to work, pick up the cake on the way home from work and walk in the door just in time for a mini-birthday party.  Sunday I work and then we will be going out to dinner for Calista’s birthday to a restaurant she really likes.

You know, I think the boys actually fell asleep.  Though I know it’s the last thing I should be doing, I think I might just take a nap.  After I get some diapers in the wash, of course.

ETA ~ Here I am, and hour and a half later, having not napped.  I got upstairs, saw that there were clean diapers to be folded so I started on those.  Got the dirty ones in the wash, then started to clean up the bedroom.  That got me thinking about everything else that needs done, and I figured I’d be less stressed if I had lunch, the diaper bag, cleaning and everything else done now, instead of putting it off until later.  Being responsible sucks sometimes!

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  1. Can’t Calista just wear shorts to gymnastics? Most of the kids here wear shorts. Get my parents and Skipper to pick up the cake and get the groceries. You have to learn to delegate. You’ve got too much for one person to do, you’re going to wear yourself down! I hope you all have a great weekend and you and Skipper get some time to yourselves.

    1. Thanks Tracey.

      They all wear leotards at gymnastics unless they are only trying out the class. She picked out a really cute one… pink with sparkles, which surprised me, since I’ve been informed that her favorite color is no longer pink, it’s blue!

      The problem with the groceries is we have NOTHING right now, and I really mean that. No wipes, no rice milk, barely any milk, no ketchup (I just heard Calista screaming about that one…). Otherwise, Skip would go grocery shopping Saturday as he usually does (and he still will have to, as I am only going to Costco tonight). I have to choose between staying home with three kids who wore me down all day, or run errands tonight, so I’ll take the errands. That (unfortunately) IS my break!! The store where I got the birthday cake is on my way home from work — no point in hauling the kids out there or even just wasting gas when I have to go past anyways.

      I try to delegate where I can, it just usually works out that it makes more sense for me to do it myself somehow. I’m working on it, though. :)

  2. I do remember the running the errands thing to get away. I still have to do it to get away and have a break from my two! I’m glad you found some tights that she likes. There’s probably nothing better than doing gymnastics in sparkle tights or doing anything in sparkle tights for that matter – lol. I sure hope you have a good weekend and give all those kids a hug and kiss from us and a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Calista!!

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CALISTA! WHAT A BIG CHICK YOU HAVE GROWN TO BE! Sommer – slow down! I know that is probably impossible but I’m exhausted just reading your post! LOL Take care. Glad to hear you are doing well.

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