September – January Synopsis

I haven’t really posted much, so let’s see if I can summarize the past few months.

I lost my main client at the end of 2009.  I found out in November that they wished to hire a larger consulting firm to manage them, so it left me in a scramble to decide whether to find new clients or find a “regular” job.  The thought of being unable to collect unemployment should I not be able to find other clients was terrifying, so I opted to look for a job.  Fortunately, I found one rather quickly (my client contract ended December 31, 2009 and I started my new job January 5, 2010).  I am now a Marketing Coordinator, and my new employer was so nice as to let me work 4 days in the office and 8 hours at home, so I work Monday through Thursday.  I’ve been working my home hours Monday through Thursday as well, so doing four ten hour days, and it’s going well.  I am really, really tired though, and it’s a huge adjustment for everyone, but I think most of all for myself and Calista.  She’s had me home for six years now (sad face goes here) and now she goes to a friend’s before and after school instead.  The boys are doing OK, but Ace has been a bit difficult as we get used to our new routine, and Skip had some complaints about me talking in the car (we are car-pooling), but we’re figuring it out.

The kids are all well, except, as I said, Ace is having the hardest time adjusting to our new life.  He’s been having a LOT of tantrums and being difficult in general, unfortunately.  He still goes to OT, and we are working on getting him through this and hopefully improving.

Ace and Nate haven’t been sleeping through the night, and that’s getting really old, really fast.  Nate likes to wake and scream and bang on his door to be let out.  The only “cure” is to go get him.  Sometimes he goes right back to sleep, and sometimes he comes into out bed.  What I wouldn’t give to sleep all the way through the night more than once or twice a month.

I’m having pain flare ups from the accident back in October 2008 now that I am working a desk job.  That pretty much sucks, but I can’t really afford to get it treated (yes, we have medical insurance, but co-pays and deductibles suck and no, we didn’t have PIP at the time, so it’s not covered through our car insurance).

Speaking of not being able to afford to get treated, this whole new job thing is scary because my income has pretty much stayed the same, but day care costs have gone up.  I don’t know how we are going to make ends meet, but having faith everything will work out somehow.  I’m doing quite a bit of sewing for hire that helps a bit, but we’ll see just how much it helps.

That’s pretty much it!

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  1. I’m a lurker now and then. Just wanted to offer some encouragement and admiration. Lots of us are rooting for you and wish you and your family well. Hang in there!

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