Reversible Hats

I wanted to make hats for my kids last summer before our trip to the beach.  I wanted something simple and cute, it had to stay put and being completely reversible would be a bonus.

I covered simple and cute fairly easily when I put together the first hats using scrap fabric and some of my husband’s old dress shirts.  One was white with orange plaid on the reverse, and the other was blue/green floral with blue dots on the reverse.

Those worked great for my oldest.  But my little guys needed something to stay put and ties seemed to be the easiest way to make that happen.  But how could I put ties on it and still be able to use it as a reversible hat?  The answer was eyelets!

I put an eyelet on either side of the hat where I wanted the ties and then threaded one tie through each eyelet.  I knotted the ends so it couldn’t be pulled all the way through.  Then all I had to do was pull the tie through when I reversed the hat so it could be worn with either fabric showing and still be tied under the child’s chin.  They worked perfectly!

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