And There You Have It!

I had the CT scan this morning.  You know those two, big, nasty drinks I had to have before hand?  What they don’t tell you is when you arrive, there’s more to drink!  Gah!

I drank yet another glass of the stuff and then laid on the table.  They put in an IV and explained that I would be receiving contrast through it.  He said my face would feel flush, then it would feel like a warm sensation running down the back of my throat, and then it would feel as though I was wetting my pants, but I wasn’t.  Pardon?!  And wouldn’t you know…. that’s exactly what it felt like as they administered the contrast through my IV.  Heh.

The process was short and easy and took no more than 10 minutes.

At 3 pm I arrived for my follow up and the doctor started by going over the scan results, which showed a few more gallstones (one was found via ultrasound several months ago), but I am asymptomatic, so he’s not concerned about those.  My spleen is enlarged and that’s all.  No fluid, no tumors, no cysts, nothing.

Then he went through the blood work.  The liver and kidney function was good.  Cortisol was good.  Not anemic.  Vitamin D is low, so we’ll do a 12-week course of increased Vitamin D to combat that.  Red and white blood counts were good.  Everything was good, except one test result.


Go figure, I have mono.  It accounts for the antibiotic resistant symptoms I’ve had: the cough, the fatigue, the sore throat as well as the sleep and probably the bloating and weight gain.  He said most people are over it in six months (!) but some take up to a year.  And there’s no cure, of course; I can only treat the symptoms.  I’m just going to keep taking the Tylenol 3 (acetaminophen with codeine) as it helps with the rib pain, alleviates the sore throat and suppresses the cough.

All that worry for naught.

In other news, the Lions Club finally called me at work today.  He said he’d tried calling me a few times, and repeated back my cell phone number, but I never got any calls from him.  Anyhow, I specifically applied for charitable funding even though they do the hearing aid bank because I had an audiologist tell me NOT to get used hearing aids, and a friend got used ones through a hearing aid bank and they died on her within a few months.  Since my request involved hearing aids, though, they kicked it back to the hearing aid bank which I don’t qualify for anyway (the other reason I didn’t apply to it directly).  The income limit is $18,000.  Well, as a family of five, I’d have far more problems than needing hearing aids if we were only bringing in $18,000!  So Lions Club is off the table.  Still waiting to hear from DVR with crossed fingers…

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  1. I had mono in the 8th grade. Two weeks quite literally spent on the couch. Rest is the only thing that will help. As a fellow mom of twins – GOOD LUCK WITH THAT!!!

    I really really hope you feel better very soon. Thank goodness it is nothing serious. I’m so glad I caught your post tonight, I have been thinking about you!

  2. That is sure a big relief!! Next question, sooooo……who you been kissing and isn’t it highly contagious? I’m so happy you found out what the problem was, what a weight off your shoulders. Hope you’re feeling better soon!

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