Anatomy Scan

Today was out 20-week anatomy scan.  That’s the “big one” where they check the baby’s development and – if you want – they tell you the gender.  We did say we didn’t want to know, so she had us look away at a certain point (when she was measuring the legs) but I have my strong suspicions. ;)

Everything looked great, and I was surprised to find out I don’t have an anterior placenta (in the front).  It seems the reason I feel everything down really low is not because I have a placenta in the way, but because baby is currently breech and kicking me down there!

We got some great photos and towards the end, the baby had his or her legs up by it’s face, and the tech got a short video of it.  You will need something like QuickTime to play the video: Cuatro in Utero (19w5d)

You can click the pictures below for a full view.


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