Shiloh in 3D

As a Christmas gift, we got an all-expense-paid trip to First Impressions Prenatal Ultrasound, a “boutique” ultrasound place here in town that does 3D scans.  We went on Saturday and got to see a preview of Miss Shiloh!

The scan was long – about an hour – and Shiloh was very active.  She did, however, have her hands and her umbilical cord all up around her face most of the time.  Other times, she was pressing her face into the side of my uterus, giving herself the “pressed again a window” look.  :)

She’s a cutie, and has her daddy nose and mouth.  I certainly don’t have nice, full lips like these!

Shiloh 3D u/s 27w3d    Shiloh 3D u/s 27w3d

Shiloh 3D u/s 27w3d

Shiloh 3D u/s 27w3d

Shiloh 3D u/s 27w3d

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