I’m still here!

Some of my friends have noticed I disappeared from Facebook.  In a fit of pregnancy-induced rage, I deactivated my account last week.  Ok, it wasn’t ALL spontaneous and pregnancy related, but I just decided I’d had enough of reading everyone’s political rants – er, opinions – and endless (and untrue) forwards.  I joined Facebook five years ago to keep up to date with my friends – their jobs, their families, their lives.  It’s just gotten…  ugly, for lack of better description… in recent months, especially since the election.  And I’m tired of it.  So buh-bye, Facebook!

In other goodbyes, I had my PICC line removed on Thursday!  I felt it was time, and really, I was getting a bit depressed about the PICC line, not feeling prepared for this baby, and the lack of Christmas to occupy my mind.  Friday, I was a little sick and Saturday, I felt horrible, but the PICC line was ONLY giving me fluids and vitamins – both of which I can take orally now – so either it was a coincidence, my body adjusting, or all in my head.

Today was the first day I was allowed to submerge my arm since having the line removed, so Calista and I went to the gym to try swimming.  It was really good, but I realized how weak my body is.  After two laps or slow breast stroke, my arms were killing me!  I did two more laps with a kickboard and then just walked back and forth (the pool is only 4′ deep) for 16 more laps.  My goal is to keep this up and eventually be able to handle the treadmill for 20 minutes or so.  I need to get my body ready to deliver this baby!

After starting to panic about not having anything ready, I did some serious list-making and shopping and now have almost everything we need to bring this little one home.  The cradle is still being refinished, but we should have it back in February.  I am waiting on my new insurance card so I can get a breast pump and I need to make some newborn diaper inserts and a few more newborn diapers and then we really are set!  I even packed Shiloh’s bag for the hospital (!) and made a list of what’s going to be in mine.  Wow.  73 days until my due date….  it’s getting so close.

And then, last but not least, a little bit of craftiness.  A while back I saw this image online and fell in love with it:

#19 Tunic Vest

I searched and searched and could NOT find the pattern for it (it’s crochet).  I asked my friends at ConnectedMoms.com and one of them went on a hunt at Ravelry.com and lo and behold, she not only found it, she ordered it to send to me.  The only catch…  it’s in a Japanese book!

I was part ecstatic and part terrified when I found this out.  Ecstatic because I want this for Shiloh!  But terrified because I still feel like a novice at crochet, ad my friend went through so much trouble to get this for me – the PRESSURE! – and did you catch the part where the pattern is in JAPANESE?

Well, it came and she sent it to me last week.  I set out learning how to read a Japanese crochet pattern and practicing the pattern on scarp yarn.  Saturday, I went out and got yarn for the project, and I started it yesterday.  And let me tell you, I’m kind of proud of myself!  This photo does not do the color any justice, as it’s a lovely lilac in person, but here is what I have so far:

#19 Tunic Vest progress

I just started the “skirt” portion and have 4 more rows of the pattern to go.  Then I will add a lacy trim all around the edges and the buttons and flowers.  And IT WILL BE PERFECT!  The pattern is very time consuming, but I am going to plug away at it, because I made it newborn size, so I have about 73 days to get it done!  If I have time, I will make the matching bonnet that is with the pattern.

Well, that’s what I have been up to.  Still on all of my medications and get sick if I try to cut back, but IV free and plugging along.  :)

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  1. Phew! When you hadn’t posted on FB for a while I did worry for you. So glad to see that Shiloh is still ‘cooking’! And that your PICC line is gone!!! I hope you don’t mind me following you here… Amy.

  2. Miss you! I know there are lots of crazy’s on FB and I took action too… but not as severe as you. lol Thank goodness that you aren’t restricted to just one media outlet. So excited that Shiloh’s due date is rapidly approaching! :) ~Emily

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