How to Crochet a Hexagon

I am doing a “Crochet-Along” with a group of online friends where we all work on the same project and share our progress.  We’re doing table runners/blankets (some are dong the table runner and others are making it wider to be a blanket) and it’s based on a hexagon design.  The problem is, the instructions we got for making the hexagons were pretty unclear and you wound up with an ugly gap where you were joining rounds.  So I re-wrote the instructions and am posting them here so I can find them again later.  I’ve posted the instructions first, then some detailed photos explaining some of the steps, and finally pictures of the finished rounds.

Start with a magic circle (mc) (see YouTube instructions here)
Round 1: ch 3, dc in mc, ch 2, *2 dc in mc, ch 2* 5 times.  Join w/ sl st.  Tighten mc.
Round 2: ch 3, dc in same st, dc in next st, *dc, ch 2, dc in space, dc in next 2 st* 5 times.  Ch 2.  Join w/ sl st.
Round 3: ch 3, dc in same st, dc in next 3 st, *dc, ch 2, dc in space, dc in next 4 st* 5 times.  Ch 2.  Join w/ sl st.
Round 4: ch 3, dc in same st, dc in next 5 st, *dc, ch 2, dc in space, dc in next 6 st* 5 times.  Ch 2.  Join w/ sl st.
Round 5: ch 3, dc in same st, dc in next 7 st, *dc, ch 2, dc in space, dc in next 8 st* 5 times.  Ch 2.  Join w/ sl st.
Tie off and weave in ends.

Here is what I mean when I say “dc in same st”:
And here is where you start your dc after you do the dc, ch 2, dc in the space:
Here are the completed rounds:
Round 1

I’m still here!

Some of my friends have noticed I disappeared from Facebook.  In a fit of pregnancy-induced rage, I deactivated my account last week.  Ok, it wasn’t ALL spontaneous and pregnancy related, but I just decided I’d had enough of reading everyone’s political rants – er, opinions – and endless (and untrue) forwards.  I joined Facebook five years ago to keep up to date with my friends – their jobs, their families, their lives.  It’s just gotten…  ugly, for lack of better description… in recent months, especially since the election.  And I’m tired of it.  So buh-bye, Facebook! Continue reading »

CD Player Belt

My sons have recently started a program called Therapeutic Listening.  It involves listening to customized CDs with a portable CD player and special headset.  I wanted a way for them to be able to move around freely while listening to their CD, so I set out to make them CD player belts.  I didn’t find any online tutorials – most likely because most people use iPods these days (I found plenty of iPod case/carrier tutorials) – so I decided to make one myself.  Hopefully it will help someone else along the way.  :)

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How-To: Make a T-Shirt Fit (Part II)

I have a ton of frumpy t-shirts – mostly ones I’ve received for free – and I only wear them to sleep.  I am in need of some more shirts, so I thought I would try my hand at converting my own shirts to something I would feel comfortable wearing out of the house.  After converting my boys’ shirts to smaller sizes for tee-ball (see How To: Make a T-Shirt Fit) I converted a few of my own and am really happy with the results!

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I’ve been thinking for a while I need some tags to add to the items I make, and finally ordered some.  I used, though I didn’t order from her site directly – I ordered from her Etsy store.

I will say that there was some frustration during the design/ordering process, but Amy (the owner) was quite nice, responsive, and in the end, I did get perfect little labels.  Check these beauties out:

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