I’ve been thinking for a while I need some tags to add to the items I make, and finally ordered some.  I used http://www.misslabel.com, though I didn’t order from her site directly – I ordered from her Etsy store.

I will say that there was some frustration during the design/ordering process, but Amy (the owner) was quite nice, responsive, and in the end, I did get perfect little labels.  Check these beauties out:

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Dog Snuggle Bed

Our family is getting a puppy in May.  She is a Pomchi – half Pomeranian and half Chihuahua.  I’ve been itching to make her some goodies even though it will be quite a while before she’s home with us.

I started by researching dog beds and what kind she might like.  Chihuahuas are burrowers by nature and our pup’s mom loves to be under covers, so I decided to try some sort of “snuggle bed”.  Basically, a bog bed with an attached blanket, or one with an opening to enter into is a snuggle bed.

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Reversible Tote Bags

I’ve been sewing a ton lately and have made these great reversible tote bags.  They have 6 pockets which you can have on the outside or the inside, depending on how you prefer to use your bag.  They are 14″ tall, 11″ wide and 6″ deep and quite roomy inside!  Great for grocery bags, diaper bags, or any other general use.  They are also for sale now in my store.  Enjoy!

Kleo (Black) Tote - Pockets Outside

Pockets inside tote detail

Kleo (Black) Tote - Pockets Inside

Tatsu Tote Bag

Nursing Covers

I’ve been working on some nursing covers and they’ve turned out fabulously!  Nursing covers are great for moms wanting a little privacy when nursing their babies in public places.  They are lightweight cotton with boning in the neck to provide a peek-a-boo view of your nursing baby, an adjustable neck strap, terrycloth corner “pockets” for wiping dribbles, and the prints are adorable.

I will be posting them this evening in my online store, so please stop by.  :)


I love these little bibs.  They are simple and soft, and I make them with flannel and a terrycloth backing so they are as absorbent as can be.  The bib surface measures 5.5″ long by 7.5″ wide and they have a plastic snap closure.  Machine-washable.

Click the “Shop” link above to browse the store for this and other cute patterns!  :)

Crayons Rolls Now for Sale

I’ve just posted some new crayon rolls I made last week in my store (click the “Shop” link above to go there now).

There’s some really cute patterns, so grab one while they are still available — they tend to go fast!  Also look for two that are discounted…  I accidentally made the end pockets a little too narrow.  A crayon still fits there, but they just aren’t up to standard, so I dropped the price for those two.