Back in Business!

We’ve had a busy summer so I haven’t done much with this site since right before we moved in July.  However, I’ve moved my store to a Facebook page (you can get to it by clicking the “Shop” link on this page).  I have a tutorial to post soon for a nightie I made for Callie Jo earlier this summer and will be stocking up on new items soon, so stay tuned!  :)

Fabric Giveaway

There is a fun fabric giveaway at Sew She Sews going on.  She’s got some kitchen prints, a bunch of scraps and a DSLR camera strap cover to give away and you just have to comment on her post to enter.  I got an extra entry by blogging about it and sending you over there.  ;)  Which, now that I think about it, maybe I shouldn’t have done because every person I send over there gives me one less chance to win…  hmmm…

A Super Baby Gift Set

Recently, I was asked to do a gift set for a baby shower.  Two bibs, two burp cloths and a pair of baby booties.  Unfortunately, the fabric choices for this set were all unavailable, so I had to dig through what I had.  One of the flannels I had on hand was a Superman print, so that’s what we went with.  At first, I wasn’t sure how it was going to turn out, but now that it’s done, I think it’s perfect!

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Reversible Hats

I wanted to make hats for my kids last summer before our trip to the beach.  I wanted something simple and cute, it had to stay put and being completely reversible would be a bonus.

I covered simple and cute fairly easily when I put together the first hats using scrap fabric and some of my husband’s old dress shirts.  One was white with orange plaid on the reverse, and the other was blue/green floral with blue dots on the reverse.

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Lunch Bags and Cloth Wipes

I had four more lunch bags cut out for a while now, and I finally got around to sewing them up today.  I ended up making three of them the non-raggedy style just for kicks and I really like them!  Though my favorite from today was a raggedy one with white cotton inside printed with milkshakes, lollipops, hearts and other sweets, and I appliqued a heart on the front:

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