Pattern Review: Side-Snapping Poo Pockets

Yes, I know… the name is terrible.  I’m not sure one should actually use the word “poo” when naming their diaper design, but I’m also equally convinced that super-cutesy names aren’t necessarily the way to go.  But I digress, as this is supposed to be a pattern review.

I cloth diapered all three of my children, but it wasn’t until very late in the game while diapering #2 and #3 (twins) that I ventured into making any diapers of my own.  It’s surprisingly easy.

I am a pattern sewer by nature, so I went looking for patterns.  There are many free ones out there, and some inexpensive ones with PDF downloads.  But I wanted a real, printed, pattern, so I tried the Side-Snapping Poo Pockets pattern.  Of all of the diaper patterns I’ve tried, it’s by far my favorite.

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Tutorial Review: Simple, Reversible Tote

I recently went through all of my scrap fabric and was sorting through what to keep, what to get rid of and deciding what to do with the larger pieces.  Then I came across this tutorial, thanks to a friend’s post on FaceBook:

It looked like a great, simple use of some of the scrap fabric I have, and my kids love totes, so I gave it a try.  Overall, it’s a quick and easy tutorial, but I have a few comments and recommendations to make it a little better.

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Dog Snuggle Bed

Our family is getting a puppy in May.  She is a Pomchi – half Pomeranian and half Chihuahua.  I’ve been itching to make her some goodies even though it will be quite a while before she’s home with us.

I started by researching dog beds and what kind she might like.  Chihuahuas are burrowers by nature and our pup’s mom loves to be under covers, so I decided to try some sort of “snuggle bed”.  Basically, a bog bed with an attached blanket, or one with an opening to enter into is a snuggle bed.

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Reversible Tote Bags

I’ve been sewing a ton lately and have made these great reversible tote bags.  They have 6 pockets which you can have on the outside or the inside, depending on how you prefer to use your bag.  They are 14″ tall, 11″ wide and 6″ deep and quite roomy inside!  Great for grocery bags, diaper bags, or any other general use.  They are also for sale now in my store.  Enjoy!

Kleo (Black) Tote - Pockets Outside

Pockets inside tote detail

Kleo (Black) Tote - Pockets Inside

Tatsu Tote Bag