Belated Update…

Sorry I posted the photo winners and then disappeared. I spent all of last weekend working on a site renovation (which still has bugs to be worked out) and then got the flu on Tuesday night and have spent most of my week in bed. Not fun.

I got in touch with all three winners who have accepted their prizes. Pam should be receiving her iPod in just a few days, and and Maria and Kim’s gift cards will go out Monday. The contest was a success! Continue reading »

Photo Contest has ended!

The photo contest is now closed for submissions and winners will be announced on or before March 7, 2007.  Stay tuned to see who will win the 30GB iPod (1st Prize), $100 Amex Gift Card (2nd Prize) and $50 Amex Gift Card (3rd Prize).  Entries can be viewed at


That’s how many photo contest entries there are at the time of this post. I’m very excited, and anxious to see who wins. We have three contest judges, and I am NOT one of them because I could never choose! :)

Calista has been talking a lot lately about her “baby sister”. I don’t know where it’s coming from, because we have definitely lessened our talk of having a baby over the past several months. She told me yesterday that her baby sister will need to have a bike so they can ride bikes together. She also told me that her baby sister can have her bedroom, and she will sleep on the couch! How funny is that? Continue reading »

Monday Night

I’ve got a few moments before bed and wanted to post some updates. First, we have surpassed our minimum of 25 entries for the contest and are now at 35 entries! There’s two days left to get your entry in for a chance to win the 30 GB iPod w/ video or a $100 or $50 Amex gift card — click the banner above for details.

I’ve now got all of my medications in hand, and I can’t say thank you enough to my friends Jess and Leah who helped me out. I am so grateful to their help in making our second IVF attempt a reality. Continue reading »

Slow and Steady…

We are now up to 20 contest entries ( and only 5 away from being able to move ahead and give a prize (the minimum number of entries for a valid contest is 25). Those 25 entries are basically our break-even point, and entries 26+ will be funds raised towards our goal. Even if we don’t raise a lot on this contest, I’m still excited to give away that 30GB iPod w/ video and the $100 and $50 gift cards!!

I still have no word from my accountant on taxes and I’m getting antsy. Continue reading »