Dysfunctional Suck

I don’t get to blog nearly as much as I would like to, but one thing I have learned about life with four kids is that it’s insanely busy!  But we’ve had some issues with Shiloh’s nursing that I really want to blog about, in part so that I have it written down for future reference, and so that it may help others.

Shiloh has never been an easy baby to nurse.  She’s always spit up quite a bit after nursing (but not the bottle), gagged easily, and popped off of the breast continuously.  Nursing sessions generally involve a lot of popping on and off, her getting frustrated, arms and legs (hers) flailing all about and sessions ending with both of us frazzled.  I always have to cut her off – she would like to keep going, but she can’t/won’t and just gets more agitated as she tries and I have to stop each nursing session before it dissolves into complete frustration on her part. Continue reading »

Shiloh’s Birth Story – Part III

It’s been a long time coming (almost 4 months, but who’s counting?), but I need to write the final part of Shiloh’s birth story…

So we were told Shiloh was being readmitted to the hospital due to her jaundice levels.  Our friend L came to help with the big kids so we could go.  I mostly cried.  Breasfeeding was failing us, my baby was going back to the hospital, and the nurse had suggested she had a condition that would require surgery to correct.  It was a post-partum nightmare. Continue reading »

Ace & Nate are FIVE today!

My sweet little buddies are five years old today!

Ace and Nate are FIVE Today!

I can hardly believe it.  Those same little buddies we tried over 3 years to get pregnant with (well, we were trying for “Just One More…”); those sweet little buddies who caused so much drama and stress during my pregnancy; those sweet little buddies who came nine weeks premature and spent 31 days in the NICU. Continue reading »

Bespectacled Buddy

Today has been a hectic day.  We started out heading south to the children’s museum to meet up with friends, but it was pouring rain and there was an accident right at the exit ramp we had to take which slowed us down considerably.  We didn’t get to stay long before we had to leave to get to A-Man’s optometrist appointment.  Skip took some time from work to hang with Gater and CJ so A-Man and I could take care of everything as peacefully as possible.

We arrived at 11:30 for our 11:30 appointment.  At 12:15, A-Man was getting restless, I was hungry, and we were both sort of cranky.  I checked with the receptionist who said they were running behind, but they did offer to get A-Man started y dilating his eyes and doing a preliminary check. Continue reading »

The boys are 4!

The boys turned 4 last month. They are so proud to be 4 and were telling everyone who would listen at first. It’s amazing how big they are and to try to remember how tiny they started out is hard. It’s like a distant dream at this point, which makes me sad because I wish I could remember it like it was yesterday – how tiny and vulnerable they were, how they would snuggle up on my chest and sleep for hours during “kangaroo care” in the NICU, how I would pump every 3 hours around the clock, record every session and make sure I was always one step ahead of their needs, how I wrote daily in my dairy their weights, their feed amounts, their milestones and their progress…

A friend recently had a baby at the hospital the boys were delivered. I had some leftover preemie clothes, so I took them with me to the hospital to donate to the NICU. The receptionist was kind, and I said they were just some things I wanted to give since my boys were once in the Special Care Nursery. She was so sweet and thankful that I started to get teary-eyed and had to leave. Continue reading »

Sh*t My Kids Ruined and Gratitude

If you haven’t seen it yet, there’s a pretty funny website at http://www.shitmykidsruined.com and it’s all photos of stuff people’s kids have ruined.  You might be shocked to know I had several photos to submit to said site (really!  my kids do, on occasion, ruin shit!) but none ever got published.

BUT… it’s because they were saving their best submissions for the BOOK but the same title, and now, my sons are (in)famous!  What for?  Wrecking my vertical blinds, of course! Continue reading »