The Forgotten Sister

Two years ago, my older sister was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of breast cancer – stage 4 inflammatory breast cancer.  She had a mastectomy, went through chemo, and had setbacks along the way like heart failure.  The cancer eventually spread to her brain, and a little over a year after her diagnosis and just around her 42nd birthday, she had brain surgery to try to remove the cancer from her brain.

As you can imagine, it went downhill quickly and she died of cardiac arrest on November 10, 2013. Continue reading »

Win a Kindle Fire!

It’s been forever since I’ve posted.  Too long.  There’s so much to update.  I’ve been meaning to, and maybe this post – which I am doing as an entry in a contest – will help re-inspire me.  :)

I’ve entered to win a Kindle Fire and a $50 cover for it via  You can, too!

Click the huge graphic for more info. :)

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Sh*t My Kids Ruined and Gratitude

If you haven’t seen it yet, there’s a pretty funny website at and it’s all photos of stuff people’s kids have ruined.  You might be shocked to know I had several photos to submit to said site (really!  my kids do, on occasion, ruin shit!) but none ever got published.

BUT… it’s because they were saving their best submissions for the BOOK but the same title, and now, my sons are (in)famous!  What for?  Wrecking my vertical blinds, of course! Continue reading »

Crazy Day

Today has been hectic.  Calista had off school early, so I had to get her.  Dismissal is supposed to be 1 pm.  At 12:55 pm I got up from my desk to go get her (school is right across the street from my work) and I see her walk in the door!  This is the SECOND time she’s shown up at my work on an early dismissal day BEFORE school is supposed to be out.  I called the school to confirm the ED time and they said “1 pm” so I asked why it was that my child arrives at my work up to ten minutes BEFORE 1 PM because she’s let out before I even get there to get her?  No good answer on that, other than, “Classes getting ready a bit early.” Continue reading »


I received an email from my DVR counselor today saying that she has all of the information she needs now (she was waiting on the information from the audiologist) to review my case and make a decision as to if I am entitled to assistance and if so, how much.  My fingers are tightly crossed for at least half the cost of the hearing aids to be covered.  I feel really hopeful about this for some reason…

Other than that, just plugging along with mono and this stupid rib.  It’s been nine weeks since I got sick.  My rib had been getting a bit better, but then my mom came for a visit and we did a little too much laughing, which rally set me back.  I ended up ordering a rib belt to try to keep it more compressed, and it helps, but it still hurts pretty darn bad when I cough or sneeze… or laugh too hard.  Then my meds ran out Friday and stupid me didn’t call in time to get the refill, so I was left without them for two days which meant more pain and the cough coming back.  It was misery but thankfully, I got my refill this morning and the cough has settled down again.  I can’t wait to be over this!