Technical Support at Its Finest

I love technical support. It’s always so helpful, and they tend to really listen to what you are saying to them, assume that you have an ounce of a clue as to what you are talking about, and resolve your issues quickly. Prime example… here is a transcript of my recent chat with online support for Neat Receipts. The issue? I needed to know the location of the driver files, because when Windows would auto-detect the scanner, it could not find any drivers to install. Easy peasy, right? Continue reading »

Felt Food

I’m slowly working my way through answering the post requests made in the comments on January 20th.  Today’s topic?  Felt food.

I know what you’re thinking right about now… What is felt food? I hope you’re not expecting anything really mind-boggling because felt food is food made out of felt.  And what do you do with it?  You play with it!  Or, in my case, Calista plays with it. Continue reading »

Facebook to Twitter to Blog How-To (for Gwen)

Gwen asked me how to get FaceBook to update to Twitter and how to get Twitter on your blog, so here goes…

Part I – FaceBook to Twitter Updates

There is a handy service at where you can register and feed RSS to your Twitter.  But, before you can do that, you need to get an OpenID login.  If you don’t already have one, I created mine at

Once you have an OpenID login, go to and click Login.  Next to the box where you type your login is a drop-down menu.  Click that to select the OpenID service you wish to log in with and enter your login.

Continue reading »

Stupid Web Browser

If you use Internet Exploder — uh, Explorer — please accept my humble apologies. I didn’t realize my new site was seriously screwed up in IE and I spent way too many hours fixing it today. So now, it should be all purdy again, but please, do yourself a favor and switch to FireFox ( and save yourself a lot of trouble. ;)

Well, now that the boys are sleeping through the night (you heard me, SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT, as in ALL NIGHT LONG!  Boot camp worked — yeeeeeee haw!) I swore I’d start going to bed earlier.  That means I am going to cut this short and go to bed (is 11:30 pm still considered “early”?).  Good night!