Shiloh’s Birth Story – Part III

It’s been a long time coming (almost 4 months, but who’s counting?), but I need to write the final part of Shiloh’s birth story…

So we were told Shiloh was being readmitted to the hospital due to her jaundice levels.  Our friend L came to help with the big kids so we could go.  I mostly cried.  Breasfeeding was failing us, my baby was going back to the hospital, and the nurse had suggested she had a condition that would require surgery to correct.  It was a post-partum nightmare. Continue reading »

The Birth of Shiloh – Part II

We learned something pretty interesting after Shiloh was born.  As I mentioned in Part I of this story, Dr. H left the room a few times after making comments alluding to thinking I needed a c-section.  He told our doula afterwards that when he feels the need to intervene, he removes himself from the situation.  He knew how much I wanted a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) and he respected that.  He thought a c-section might be easier – or better, or whatever – but he left us with our doula and nurse to figure it out on our own, and we did.

My family practitioner, Dr. A, who saw me for the first 33 weeks of my pregnancy and who also knew how much I wanted a VBAC, told me at Shiloh’s 2-week checkup that on one of those times that Dr. H stepped out of the room, he called Dr. A and told him he was headed towards sectioning me.  And Dr. A – also knowing how much I did NOT want another c-section – urged him not to…  and Dr. H respected that and let us keep trying. Continue reading »

The Birth of Shiloh Everly

I worked on March 5th.  I had an email early in the day, asking if I wanted to move my office sooner, rather than later.  You see, we had been looking for a new office space, and finally found one, and it was ready.  I decided moving offices would be better than sitting at my desk with swollen feet, and if I was really lucky, maybe I would go into labor.

I started by driving to the new office space, and right around noon, as I parked the van, I felt…  a cramp.  It was mild, but it was there, and I hadn’t had any cramping until that point.  I texted Skip that I had a cramp and I hoped it continued!

I checked out the office space, got a key, and then headed to Office Max to get some file boxes for moving, as well as some office supplies for my intern/fill-in for when I went on maternity leave.

I got back to the office, my intern was there, and I suddenly had no interest in moving offices.  I had no interest in much of anything, really.

I worked for a while and eventually felt like I wanted/needed to go home.  I told my intern I was stepping out early to rest, and as I was leaving, she said she felt like I was going to go home and have that baby…

Continue reading »

34w5d Ultrasound

Today I am 34w5d and had one last ultrasound to check on Shiloh’s position, fluid and get an estimated weight.  She’s head down, fluid is good (abundant, even) and her estimated weight was 6 pounds 1 ounce!  Of course that can be off by a pound either way, but based on how big the others were, it’s probably about right.

She even switched the machine over to 3D for a minute and we got another peek at the little Miss.  She’s a chubby little thing!

34w5d Ultrasound

Ive got a busy work week this week, and I’m in a wedding on Saturday, but after that…  I’m feeling ready.  If she is ready, she’s welcome to come any time after Saturday!