34w5d Ultrasound

Today I am 34w5d and had one last ultrasound to check on Shiloh’s position, fluid and get an estimated weight.  She’s head down, fluid is good (abundant, even) and her estimated weight was 6 pounds 1 ounce!  Of course that can be off by a pound either way, but based on how big the others were, it’s probably about right.

She even switched the machine over to 3D for a minute and we got another peek at the little Miss.  She’s a chubby little thing!

34w5d Ultrasound

Ive got a busy work week this week, and I’m in a wedding on Saturday, but after that…  I’m feeling ready.  If she is ready, she’s welcome to come any time after Saturday!

Anatomy Scan

Today was out 20-week anatomy scan.  That’s the “big one” where they check the baby’s development and – if you want – they tell you the gender.  We did say we didn’t want to know, so she had us look away at a certain point (when she was measuring the legs) but I have my strong suspicions. ;)

Everything looked great, and I was surprised to find out I don’t have an anterior placenta (in the front).  It seems the reason I feel everything down really low is not because I have a placenta in the way, but because baby is currently breech and kicking me down there! Continue reading »


So I am going to cheat a little and back-date this post since I’m just now getting around to making it.  :)

We scheduled our nuchal translucency (NT) scan for September 11.  This is and ultrasound where they measure the fold of skin at the base of the baby’s neck for markers of different kinds of Trisomy, including Down’s Syndrome.

The baby looked great, and there was nothing to indicate any cause for concern.  S/he was sleeping at the start, and I was a little disappointed, but soon s/he woke up and then look out!  Baby was everywhere!  Poor kid couldn’t get comfortable or something.  Ha ha. Continue reading »


I didn’t want to leave everyone hanging – but I feel like hell right now, so this update will be brief.

I had another ultrasound today to ease my worries after the spotting and cramping. The baby looks great, measuring right on track with a heartbeat of 172 now. There were no signs of any problems or anything to indicate where the spotting might be coming from. The spotting continues and I’m starting to think it’s a side effect of constipation. *embarrassed* Continue reading »