A Day in the Life…

Today I turned 31 weeks.  I was nervous about it for some time because the boys were born at exactly 31 weeks.  I know that their situation was unique, and I have no reason to believe Shiloh would come so soon, but it’s just one of those things that weighs on your mind.  I woke up hoping the day would go quickly so I would soon be 31w1d.

At about 8:45 AM, after dropping of CJ at school and the boys at daycare, I was stopped at a red light – a new red light that was just installed in the past couple of months.  I was not the first one in line and I didn’t just stop recently.  I’d just been sitting there when WHAM!  I got rear-ended, and I believe that the girl who hit me was going the speed limit (25 or 35) as it was quite a hit. Continue reading »

Full Circle

I am working on a setting up an appointment with audiologist #2 (who will forevermore be referred to as “my audiologist”) to pick out hearing aids.  Deja vu, anyone?

I went to the ENT today.  First, let me say I loved Dr. O.  He is awesome.  Very knowledgeable and personable.  Just a great doctor, so that was good.

I started out by telling him I had two conflicting audiograms and he jumped right in and said we’d re-test, so re-test we did. Continue reading »


Ever since that stupid accident back in October 2008 where the lady ran her stop sign and totaled my van, I have had migraines.  Pretty much any time I sit for an extended period of time, like at work or while traveling, I can pretty much expect to have a migraine for a day or more afterward.  We went up Canada on Saturday and took the ferry over to Victoria and I’ve had a headache since.  Is this ever going to stop?  Excedrin Migraine sometimes can’t touch it, and weekly massage therapy helps, but I am still.getting.migraines.  ARGH!  I’m hoping to start to see a chiropractor when I get on my new health insurance at work.  I just wish I could get back to “normal” as far as my back/neck are concerned.

Sorry for the boring rant, but I’m really trying to find my groove and get back into posting here again.  It’s a start…


I am avoiding doing anything productive at the moment because I’m overwhelmed and when I am overwhelmed, I procrastinate.  I actually suffer from paralyzing procrastination at times — I get so overwhelmed I honestly cannot force myself to do anything.  It’s awful.  But for now, I’m just tired and wishing the hours would pass a heck of a lot faster than they are, so I thought a post might get me five minutes closer to bed time.

Calista started first grade at her new school yesterday.  It was a big day!  She got a new outfit, and was ready to take the bus.  It’s a good thing my mom had passed on her frustration over my niece missing the bus on her first day of school because it was ten minutes early.  After hearing that, I had Calista at the bus stop ten minutes early, and the bus was arriving as we were walking to the stop!  Ack!

Calista bounded on happily and I followed the bus so I could meet her at school and help her take in her supplies and find her class.

Continue reading »

I’ve lost my mojo

I am sitting here, feeling like I could throw up any minute, tired as anything, and needing to (1) write a grocery list, (2) go grocery shopping, (3) clean up the disaster that is my house and (4) finish a LOT of work on ConnectedMoms.com that I wanted (actually NEED) to release tomorrow.  I worked from 9:30 am to 6:30 pm standing all day, and do NOT feel like doing anything other than sleep.  My head hurts, my throat hurts, my back and feet hurt, I am congested and very nauseous.

Skip was home all day with Ace and Nate and part of the day with Calista (I had arranged for her to be out of the house for part of the day, since Skip is quite sick himself).  He will have no car tomorrow since I lent our car to K while her car is out of commission, and he and the kids need food for tomorrow. Continue reading »

POP Goes My Ovary!

For about a week now, I’ve been having what I know are ovulation pains.  Years of tracking my cycles have taught me that.  However, they don’t normally last so long, and they certainly don’t normally get worse with each passing day.  I decided yesterday that if the pain was not better by today, I’d go get it checked out.  Then I stood up from the dining room table and had a horrible stabbing pain in my right ovary that took my breath away and stopped me in my tracks.  I was scared to move for a few moments, as I certainly didn’t want to aggravate the lovely “knife in the ovary” thing I had going on.  It thankfully subsided, but then I was left with pretty heavy cramps and severe pain when I laughed. Continue reading »