Twas a Black Friday After All

I didn’t think I’d be Black Friday shopping today, but it turns out I was wrong.  This morning, Skip said he’d go with me if I wanted, and we’d take the kids.  Then we had a call from our friends whose daughter, E, likes to play with Calista and they invited Calista to play.  We dropped Calista off at E’s house and headed out shopping with the boys.

Our first stop was Home Depot for the $49 7.5′ pre-lit Christmas tree, but we were too late.  That was a bummer, as it was the one thing we actually needed and it was a super deal (obviously, since they sold out!).  They were sold out of the trees online last night at 10 pm, so I can imagine how fast they went today.

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To Black Friday or Not to Black Friday

Happy Thanksgiving!  We had a great dinner tonight, cooking by my wonderful husband — turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, gravy, candied sweet potatoes, some carrot something-or-other (not a fan), sparkling grape juice and home made apple pie.  Delicious!!  We all gave our thanks and had a great meal.  Nater Nater Garbarator thoroughly enjoyed his meal and I believe Thanksgiving is his very most favorite day of the year.  The boy likes to eat!

Now that the meal is over and the kitchen (and bathrooms — I was motivated!) are clean, it’s time to decide…  to Black Friday, or not to Black Friday?

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