Flip Video

I had seen the Flip Video camera on Oprah and had been wanting one for a while, primarily because the videos I’ve taken on our old digital camera were of poor quality, and got even worse when I would try to upload them to YouTube.  I considered getting one for my birthday this past year, but I had read some stuff saying it wasn’t very good, so I forgot about it.

I revisited the idea after we got our DSLR camera and lost the video capability that our old digital camera had.  I found some more reviews, and better yet, some examples of Flip Video movies, and decided to check the Boxing Day sales for a good deal.  Boxing Day, by the way, is that weird Canadian day-after Christmas holiday which is a lot like our Black Friday.  As they say, “When in Canada…” Continue reading »

I Forgot to Mention…

I forgot to mention that we are in Canada for the holiday, so I won’t be updating much until I get back.

We had a WONDERFUL Christmas!  The kids have been loving the new toys and fun with the family, and Skip and I got a DSLR camera.  I need to update our family website tomorrow….  it’s going to take me a while because there are so many GREAT pictures!!  I also got a Flip video recorder so I can make better videos for posting.  I have a lot to upload and show off!

And, in case you didn’t notice the comments on my last post, my mom bought a ticket to come to our house in January.  She was just tormenting me when she was saying she wasn’t coming.  She was going to wait until Christmas to tell me, but then she read my blog post so she fessed up in the comments.  :)

Happy Holidays!!