Yes, Virginia, We Have a Christmas Tree

We got a Christmas tree today, and I didn’t have to pay more than $75 for it!  Calista and I went out to Lowe’s today, because I had seen some 7.5′ pre-lit trees on their web site for $73.50.  When we got there, they had ones that weren’t pre-lit (after the last tree became useless once some of the lights on it died, I decided I’d prefer to string the lights myself) for $99, but 25% off.  Then, the cashier scanned some coupon he had at his register, and we got another $10 off, so after taxes, our tree was just $68 and some change!  Hooray!  We’ll probably set it up next weekend.

My other exciting news for tonight is that the boys SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT last night!  And I spent the whole night in my own bed!  They went to bed at 8 pm, fussed once around 11:30 pm but without any intervention fell back to sleep within 5 minutes or so, and never made another peep until 7 am.  Oh how I hope this continues!

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