Well, I’ve ordered my hearing aids.  I am getting Oticon Acto Pro Mini RITE hearing aids (the smaller one shown on the left in the picture)…  in Samoa Blue.  I debated a long time abut the color.  I was pretty sure I didn’t want “flesh tone” and once it was suggested I could get that color and I found myself feeling offended at the implication that I should somehow hide them solidified my decision to get blue.  Though I will admit that on the drive home, I debated calling to change to silver. Continue reading »


Today was my audiology appointment with the new audiologist.  When we started out, I asked if she had my audiograph from the first appointment, and she looked at me funny.  I told her my DVR counselor sent it to her a week ago, and she went to her desk and found it, unopened, in an envelope on her desk.  Awesome.

As she sat and looked at it, she kept saying it was “odd”.  I asked her what she meant, and she said that for someone my age, it was not a typical sensorineural hearing loss presentation.  It seems that a “normal” audiograph for sensorineural hearing loss will show normal hearing range in the low tones, and then gradually decrease as the tones get higher, making a downward slope on the graph as the loss progresses.  Mine is the exact opposite, with the loss at its worst in the lowest tones, and gradually getting better and reaching the normal range in the high tones. Continue reading »

Hearing Aids on the Horizon

I had my DVR meeting yesterday.  The good news?  My hearing aids are going to be covered 100%!  The bad news?  My counselor did some price shopping and said that the other local audiologist offered the SAME hearing aids that my doctor recommended for $700 less PER hearing aid.  Of course they’d rather save $1,400 than let me continue with my audiologist, but then this slows everything down because now I have to go to a NEW audiologist for a NEW evaluation and kind of start over there.  If my doctor could compete, I could order the hearing aids right now.  NOW! Continue reading »

Crazy Day

Today has been hectic.  Calista had off school early, so I had to get her.  Dismissal is supposed to be 1 pm.  At 12:55 pm I got up from my desk to go get her (school is right across the street from my work) and I see her walk in the door!  This is the SECOND time she’s shown up at my work on an early dismissal day BEFORE school is supposed to be out.  I called the school to confirm the ED time and they said “1 pm” so I asked why it was that my child arrives at my work up to ten minutes BEFORE 1 PM because she’s let out before I even get there to get her?  No good answer on that, other than, “Classes getting ready a bit early.” Continue reading »