Bespectacled Buddy

Today has been a hectic day.  We started out heading south to the children’s museum to meet up with friends, but it was pouring rain and there was an accident right at the exit ramp we had to take which slowed us down considerably.  We didn’t get to stay long before we had to leave to get to A-Man’s optometrist appointment.  Skip took some time from work to hang with Gater and CJ so A-Man and I could take care of everything as peacefully as possible.

We arrived at 11:30 for our 11:30 appointment.  At 12:15, A-Man was getting restless, I was hungry, and we were both sort of cranky.  I checked with the receptionist who said they were running behind, but they did offer to get A-Man started y dilating his eyes and doing a preliminary check. Continue reading »