When there’s Poo on the Carpet, it’s Time to Nap

Last night after the kids went to bed, I found brownie mix in the cupboard, which solved the dilemma of making a treat for Calista to take to school.  I made those and did some Wii Fit while they were cooking.  Man, it’s hard to exercise with the smell of brownies baking!  Too bad that I didn’t cook them long enough so they were gooey in the middle (and not yummy brownie gooey, more like nasty uncooked gooey) so Skip had to take her to the grocery store this morning to pick up something and then take her to school.  I suck at cooking.

After the brownies were made, I researched replacement birthday gifts to fill in for the dolls I muddled ordering.  I found a few good Wii game recommendations, such as Animal Crossing City Folk, Dance Dance Revolution Disney Groove and Hanna Montana The Movie Game.  I figured I’d get one of those, but then I had the idea to get her an iPod nano instead.

She has a Fisher Price FP3 player, but it’s gotten old and shuts itself off randomly.  She can read now, so she could read the song titles on the iPod, and her music taste has matured past Disney Princess songs, so it seemed like a really good idea.  Until I realized a measly nano is $150!  DOH!  I responded to a few Craigslist ads with not much luck, so went back to the Wii game idea. Continue reading »