Hyperemesis… Take 3.

I finally got my doctor to take me seriously today.  I stood up for myself, conveyed that I am so sick right now, on the max doses of what I am taking, imagine how I’d be if we took it all away?  He agreed and admitted that it’s beyond his area of expertise to treat hyperemesis.  I can respect that – after all, he’s a family doctor, not an obstetrician.  And even most obstetricians don’t know what to do for HG.

That said, he offered me a solution.  Finally.  I have a referral to the OB that treated me when I was pg with the boys.  Not sure how long until I can see him – could be 2-3 agonizing weeks – but relief is in sight.  I hope. Continue reading »

Plugging Along

Well, so much for those high hopes that I’d escape the sickness this time!  I started Zofran at 6 weeks and it’s kept me from vomiting (so far…  knocking on wood) but that’s about it.

I tried to talk to my doctor about it last week as I can barely eat, I constantly feel like one wrong move and I will throw up, I have a horrible taste in my mouth 24/7 and I am downright miserable.  He basically told me I’m not hyperemetic, I AM eating, I AM hydrated, and that a lot of my fear and frustration is likely based on past experience.  He also suggested counseling to address some of the trauma of being sick in my previous pregnancies. Continue reading »

Sorry you’re so sick…

… is what the doctor said to me today.  And I wanted to punch him square in the jaw and tell him I was sorry his jaw hurt.

My doctor is on vacation his week, and while we were also on vacation, I started having some spotting.  I called today after we got home to check to see if it meant I needed a Rhogham shot, and they had me come in.

I saw a doctor who is not my primary, and he did an exam and said everything looked fine, the spotting wasn’t from the cervix so there was no need for Rhogham at this time… he offered an ultrasound for my peace of mind, but I declined based on his observation and feeling everything was fine. Continue reading »


Well, things are going downhill faster than I had anticipated or hoped.  Most people who know me know that I suffered from hyperemesis gravidarum (HG) through both of my previous pregnancies.  With Calista, it started at 6 weeks and was undiagnosed/unrecognized.  I ended up in the hospital, severely dehydrated with a migraine and unable to even keep water down.  I was scared and sick but I pushed through.  It lasted until I was about 20 weeks pregnant and then, thankfully, subsided.

With the boys, I was sick at 4 weeks and by 13 weeks had a PICC line in my arm, allowing me to take Zofran intravenously as well as hydration.  I had the PICC line until 28 weeks when I was by no means “better”, but well enough (and tired enough of the PICC line) to have it removed.  The boys were born just three weeks later. Continue reading »