And There You Have It!

I had the CT scan this morning.  You know those two, big, nasty drinks I had to have before hand?  What they don’t tell you is when you arrive, there’s more to drink!  Gah!

I drank yet another glass of the stuff and then laid on the table.  They put in an IV and explained that I would be receiving contrast through it.  He said my face would feel flush, then it would feel like a warm sensation running down the back of my throat, and then it would feel as though I was wetting my pants, but I wasn’t.  Pardon?!  And wouldn’t you know…. that’s exactly what it felt like as they administered the contrast through my IV.  Heh.

The process was short and easy and took no more than 10 minutes. Continue reading »

Here goes nothing!

If there’s one thing I’m good at, it’s making things work.  I will figure this out.  Now it’s a matter of how.

We recently sold our campground timeshare, so I’ve put that money aside in hopes of putting it towards the hearing aids.  I’m selling all of our cloth diapers and have my stroller (an UppaBaby Vista with Rumble Seat) listed on Craigslist and am working on other things like consigning clothes and such. Continue reading »