Early Intervention Update Part I

Ace hasn’t been to any Early Intervention (EI) services since late November.  Not because I am a bad mother, but because the very same people who evaluated him and decided he had some issues to work on were making me feel like I was wasting their time taking him to be seen.  I should re-word that, as no one can MAKE me feel anything, but that was how I was feeling nonetheless.

He was not cooperating with the massage therapist at ALL, so that was really just a frustrating struggle.  I was taking him to OT at the Children’s Neurodevelopmental Program, and on the second visit, she asked me if I felt like he needed to be seen and kept commenting on how great he was doing.  His behavior seems to ebb and flow, and he was having a good day at that time, so I kind of stammered, “I dunno, yeah, he’s doing great!” and that was the last time he was seen there. Continue reading »