What’s Next?

I’ve got a lot to write about but don’t know what to start with or what people even find interesting…  I could write about my mom’s visit, canceling the kids’ swim lessons, my sudden problem with almost falling asleep when I drive (!), how I’ve managed to continue to keep my house clean, why I quit taking Ace to early intervention services (that post is long overdue), our guitar hero adventures (complete with video), the felt food I’ve been learning to make…  If you have something in particular you want me to write about, post a comment and let me know.  I’m sleepy and I’ve got brain overload tonight.

I Forgot to Mention…

I forgot to mention that we are in Canada for the holiday, so I won’t be updating much until I get back.

We had a WONDERFUL Christmas!  The kids have been loving the new toys and fun with the family, and Skip and I got a DSLR camera.  I need to update our family website tomorrow….  it’s going to take me a while because there are so many GREAT pictures!!  I also got a Flip video recorder so I can make better videos for posting.  I have a lot to upload and show off!

And, in case you didn’t notice the comments on my last post, my mom bought a ticket to come to our house in January.  She was just tormenting me when she was saying she wasn’t coming.  She was going to wait until Christmas to tell me, but then she read my blog post so she fessed up in the comments.  :)

Happy Holidays!!

Blue Christmas Part II (AKA I Give UP!!!)

I’ve tried everything I can to find a way to either get to Pittsburgh for Christmas or get my mom out here and it seems there’s a “problem” with everything I’ve come up with. Sometimes, logic and reason suck.

This is missed time with my family that I can’t get back and I so wanted to share it. I know we can do a visit in a couple of months, but the kids will all be so changed by then. It’s now that I wanted to share. I hate distance, finances, jobs, school and everything else that gets in the way.

Blue Christmas

The past few days have been busy, and I’ve also been having a lot of headaches and neck pain (thanks, Nissan Xterra Lady).  Almost all of the gifts are wrapped — and the rest will be done tonight after Skip brings home some more wrapping paper.  He’s also picking up the last of the gifts today (those Easy Bake Ovens are hard to find!). Continue reading »