18 Month Checkup

The boys had their 18-month checkup a couple of weeks ago, and I’d been meaning to post their stats.

Ace (AKA Baby A), who was born at just 3 pounds 11 ounces, is now 21 pounds 5 ounces (5th percentile) and 31″ tall (10th percentile).  In true Cronck fashion, his head is 48.5 cm and in the 75th percentile.  Ha ha!!

Nate (AKA Baby B), who weighed in at a mere 4 pounds 7 ounces at birth, is now 25 pounds 9 ounces (50th percentile) and 31.5″ tall (25th percentile).  And again, true to Cronck form, his head is a whopping 49.5 cm (90th percentile).  Gotta have a place to keep all those brains!

They are at or above average in all of their milestones.  They really have never been delayed in any of their development.  Seeing as they were born 9 weeks premature, it’s incredible that they have done so well in their progress. Continue reading »

Read the Signs

Ever have one of those days when the universe is trying to tell you not to proceed, but you disregard the warning signs and go ahead anyhow?

I have been on a quest for the perfect double stroller, which means it must allow the boys to face each other, and fit into my vehicle when folded.  I’ve been through them all (with little exception) and Monday I was going to check out a Peg Perego Duette that was listed on Craigslist.  It was up in Coquitlam, BC, so about 45 minutes from my house. Continue reading »

Mojo Nomo

Last time I posted, I was looking for my mojo.  I think it ended up in my toilet around 3 AM along with my stomach contents.  After posting, I called K who was kind enough to go to the grocery store with me.  I kept feeling worse and shopping was horrible, as looking at the food just made me want to vomit.  I even considered making myself barf just to feel better, but figured that wasn’t exactly when I wanted to do at Safeway at 10 PM.

I also remembered during that time why I quite possibly never want to be pregnant again.  Because that is how I feel just about every second of my pregnancy.  On the verge of barfing.  Not cool. Continue reading »

I’ve lost my mojo

I am sitting here, feeling like I could throw up any minute, tired as anything, and needing to (1) write a grocery list, (2) go grocery shopping, (3) clean up the disaster that is my house and (4) finish a LOT of work on ConnectedMoms.com that I wanted (actually NEED) to release tomorrow.  I worked from 9:30 am to 6:30 pm standing all day, and do NOT feel like doing anything other than sleep.  My head hurts, my throat hurts, my back and feet hurt, I am congested and very nauseous.

Skip was home all day with Ace and Nate and part of the day with Calista (I had arranged for her to be out of the house for part of the day, since Skip is quite sick himself).  He will have no car tomorrow since I lent our car to K while her car is out of commission, and he and the kids need food for tomorrow. Continue reading »

That’s the Best You Can Do?

I think that the world had it in for me today.

First, it snowed yesterday. Not a big deal, except in this town, 2″ of snow means cancellations and delays. That meant Calista didn’t have to be at school until 12:15 pm. Skip said he had too much to do at work to go in late, so it was up to me to either keep Calista home or get her to school.

It’s Thursday, and the mom of one of Calista’s friends at school once said that Calista was welcome to go to her house on a Thursday after school if we wanted. I thought it would work out great — K could feed the kids lunch then run into town with them to take Calista to school, then Calista go go to P’s house after school and Skip could get her on his way home. Excellent. Continue reading »