Narcolepsy, Anyone?

I went to the doctor today about my myriad of strange health issues, including dizzy spells, episodes of feeling like I am going to fall over asleep, chronic fatigue, practically falling asleep while driving, short on breath…

I did a lung capacity test which showed I have very diminished lung capacity so I was sent for a chest x-ray to investigate the cause.  I had a blood draw to check my thyroid, and my doctor suspects I may be narcoleptic (!), so I’ve been referred to a neurologist to look into it further.

Like you are probably thinking, narcolepsy is when you just fall asleep at weird times.  But there is more to it, and after reading a while on the Internet, I actually would not be surprised if that is my problem.  I sleep a LOT and even after a good night’s rest I tend to take naps.  Naps don’t refresh me for very long.  I sometimes am hit with the overwhelming feeling of sleep that I can’t fight off (like lately, when I am driving).  I have a history of doing activities in my sleep, such as having complete phone conversations that I am later unaware I ever had.  Freaky. Continue reading »