A Safe Place

A-M, our Early Intervention (EI) coordinator, emailed me today saying she had shown my videos I sent to her (four different ones of Ace tantruming, ranging from seven months old to last week) to some colleagues and that she had someone who wanted to meet with me.  This turned out to be B, who is a Behavioral Specialist.

B called and said she was going out of town tomorrow, and could meet with me right away at our house if I was available.  Not wanting to have to wait another week, I said OK and had 1/2 hour to get cleaned up and ready.  K (the nanny) was here, so that was a great help — she got the house straightened and watched the boys while I wrapped up some work stuff and then got showered. Continue reading »

My Little Wildcat

Ace has been having a heck of a time lately.  I’ve posted before about my concerns about him and his “fits” or tantrums, and I’ve worried for a very long time.  We briefly pursued OT but stopped when the therapist acted like there was nothing wrong with him and made me feel foolish for being there, and then we started getting billed hundreds of dollars for what I had thought was covered by insurance and other programs. Continue reading »

Narcolepsy, Anyone?

I went to the doctor today about my myriad of strange health issues, including dizzy spells, episodes of feeling like I am going to fall over asleep, chronic fatigue, practically falling asleep while driving, short on breath…

I did a lung capacity test which showed I have very diminished lung capacity so I was sent for a chest x-ray to investigate the cause.  I had a blood draw to check my thyroid, and my doctor suspects I may be narcoleptic (!), so I’ve been referred to a neurologist to look into it further.

Like you are probably thinking, narcolepsy is when you just fall asleep at weird times.  But there is more to it, and after reading a while on the Internet, I actually would not be surprised if that is my problem.  I sleep a LOT and even after a good night’s rest I tend to take naps.  Naps don’t refresh me for very long.  I sometimes am hit with the overwhelming feeling of sleep that I can’t fight off (like lately, when I am driving).  I have a history of doing activities in my sleep, such as having complete phone conversations that I am later unaware I ever had.  Freaky. Continue reading »

Early Intervention Update Part I

Ace hasn’t been to any Early Intervention (EI) services since late November.  Not because I am a bad mother, but because the very same people who evaluated him and decided he had some issues to work on were making me feel like I was wasting their time taking him to be seen.  I should re-word that, as no one can MAKE me feel anything, but that was how I was feeling nonetheless.

He was not cooperating with the massage therapist at ALL, so that was really just a frustrating struggle.  I was taking him to OT at the Children’s Neurodevelopmental Program, and on the second visit, she asked me if I felt like he needed to be seen and kept commenting on how great he was doing.  His behavior seems to ebb and flow, and he was having a good day at that time, so I kind of stammered, “I dunno, yeah, he’s doing great!” and that was the last time he was seen there. Continue reading »