Read the Signs

Ever have one of those days when the universe is trying to tell you not to proceed, but you disregard the warning signs and go ahead anyhow?

I have been on a quest for the perfect double stroller, which means it must allow the boys to face each other, and fit into my vehicle when folded.  I’ve been through them all (with little exception) and Monday I was going to check out a Peg Perego Duette that was listed on Craigslist.  It was up in Coquitlam, BC, so about 45 minutes from my house. Continue reading »

POP Goes My Ovary!

For about a week now, I’ve been having what I know are ovulation pains.  Years of tracking my cycles have taught me that.  However, they don’t normally last so long, and they certainly don’t normally get worse with each passing day.  I decided yesterday that if the pain was not better by today, I’d go get it checked out.  Then I stood up from the dining room table and had a horrible stabbing pain in my right ovary that took my breath away and stopped me in my tracks.  I was scared to move for a few moments, as I certainly didn’t want to aggravate the lovely “knife in the ovary” thing I had going on.  It thankfully subsided, but then I was left with pretty heavy cramps and severe pain when I laughed. Continue reading »

New Year’s Resolutions

Now that it’s 2009 (Happy New Year!), I’ve made some resolutions.  One of those resolutions is to keep my house cleaner.  It’s mostly the clutter that makes this place a disaster.  So, in 2009, I will put things away as soon as I am done with them in an effort to keep things in order.  I also started de-cluttering around here to keep me motivated.  I did our bedroom, bathroom and upstairs hallway so far and it looks GREAT!  I love walking into my clean, clutter-free bedroom, with the bed made and feel like I can just relax, instead of seeing all of the things that need done. Continue reading »

Progress is Good

Today I had a meeting with the lawyer.  I arrived just after 10 am, only to find out my appointment was at 1 pm!  Duh.  I had some time to kill, so I mailed all of our Christmas card as well as some items for work, visited a friend whose twin boys are in the NICU (please keep them in your thoughts), had lunch with Skip and then headed BACK to the lawyer.

The lawyer is really great.  It’s a woman, and she was very easy to talk to, very thorough and explained everything to me really well.  She said the first thing she would be doing is sending a letter of representation to the opposing insurance and demand the immediate reimbursement of my out-of-pocket expenses for car rental and my deductible.  Then she said for me to track my mileage and stuff and she will contact me in about 3 months as we won’t start going for medical costs and “pain and suffering” until I am completely healed.  It is such a relief to know I don’t have to deal with the stupid dink from the opposing insurance any more! Continue reading »

Let It Snow!

We’ve got our first snow of the season happening right now.  Well, that’s not exactly true.  It happened last night, and now it’s just on the ground.  And man oh man is it ever COLD out!  It gets so windy it’s insane.

I was so tired today.  I dozed on and off in the living room today until noon (gotta love Skip who lets me get away with that from time to time) and just felt like I could have slept all day.  The Mothers of Multiples club was having a kids’ Christmas party today, and Calista was so excited for it, so I took her to do that.  Even though it was a twin club party, I didn’t take the boys as Nate had been up all night (probably why I was so tired — I don’t know what his deal was last night!) and Ace was still napping as we were about to leave.  Anyhow, she had a good time (as did I) and she even got a gift from Santa — a pink dragon Webkinz.  Unfortunately, she took the tag off and left/lost it at the party, so now we can’t go online with it.  Seems I have to buy a new one to get a new code.  What a pain! Continue reading »

Neither Here Nor There

I have lots to post about tonight!

I will start with Baby Boot Camp.  I’ve had some comments from readers who are thinking of doing the same, and let me tell you, it was worth it!  With the exception of one night, the boys have slept through the night every night since I did it!  Sweet bliss!  They still put up a good show when we put them in their cribs, but I’ve noticed once the door is shut, they know it’s time as they are quiet and go to bed like good little monsters.  I don’t know why I didn’t put them through boot camp sooner…  :)

Next is the December 7th accident.  We got the estimate on the Pacifica, and it is around $4,600!  I didn’t think it was that bad, but I guess it is.  Luckily, my insurance is good and they’ve already sent the check for repairs and we’ll take it to the shop Monday.  They’ve also already cut a check for new car seats — again! — and will arrange for a rental.  Too bad it’s going to take a good 2 weeks for the vehicle to be repaired, and I wonder if Christmas is going to slow it down even more?  I hope not! Continue reading »